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Thursday, August 25, 2011

DC Masonic Landmarks Undamaged by Quake

No known damage occured at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, VA after yesterday's earthquake. From the Memorial's website:

The tallest and most visible structure in Alexandria, Virginia, the George Washington Masonic National Memorial appears to be unscathed by yesterday's, August 23rd, earthquake. Pictures were knocked off the walls and some exhibits suffered minor damage. Engineers will be inspecting the entire building in the immediate future.

Nobody was injured either within the Memorial or on the grounds.

The Memorial remains open to the public for tours on the regular schedule.

No word yet as to the condition of the Scottish Rite House of the Temple in Washington, which is undergoing major structural renovation.

Unfortunately major cracks have been discovered in the Washington Monument's exterior stones, including one major displacement in the upper pyramidion.


  1. Chris,

    Art DeHoyos posted yesterday on Facebook:

    "No damage (that I've seen) to the HOT. I'm in the basement, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. :-) I was told that small pieces of the ceiling fell in during the 33d Degree conferral at the DC Scottish Rite. No one was hurt."

  2. Whew...I know we have discussed this in our secret dungeon meetings under the lodges for awhile, but I gotta say, all that reptilian alien technology we invested in using Templar gold and the holy grail really paid off for us big time. None of our stuff was touched. Good going. And a shout out to our Alien reptilian brothers.."SSS-SSS-SSS-Flither-SSSS".

    (just figured I would get a jump on the conspiracy talk....why let them have all the fun?!)


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