Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Philalethes Society and Phylaxis Society Joint Symposium 8/27

On August 27th, the Semi-Annual Meeting of the Philalethes Society will be held a joint symposium with the Phylaxis Society at the San Francisco Scottish Rite Center.

Keynote Speakers

The Resurgence of Interest in the Initiatic Experience in California Masonry
Allan Casalou - Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of California

Masonic Initiation: The Transformation
Alton G. Roundtree - Noted Masonic author and Prince Hall Mason

Other Presenters

Comparative Fraternalism: The Difference between Induction & Initiation
Jordan Yelinek - Master, Northern California Research Lodge

Initiation: The Business in which We Are Engaged
Tom Worrel - Masonic author

John B. Williams - President, The Phylaxis Society

Adam G. Kendall - Librarian, Henry Wilson Coil Masonic Library

Set Your Face to the East: The Pursuit of Initiatic Efficacy in Observant Masonry
Shawn Eyer - Editor, Philalethes magazine

See the website here for more information.

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CapnEddy said...

Would be a nice experience if a "live Stream" was available for those of us who can't make it to "Baghdad by the Bay"..

Al McClelland