Sunday, August 14, 2011

Masonic Membership Stats for 2010 Released by MSA

The Masonic Service Association of North America has released the list of U.S. and Canadian Masonic membership statistics.

The total Masonic membership of North American continues to decline, and the numbers for 2010 were 1,373,453 (lowest since they began compiling stats in 1924). For Canada it is 86,210, a decline of 2,489 from 2009. However, the rate of decline is slowing, slowly.

The grand lodges of the District of Columbia, Utah, Alabama, Hawaii, New Mexico and Newfoundland/Labrador all show gains for 2010.

H/T to Ed King.


Don said...

This does not include PHA numbers correct?

Chris Hodapp said...

That is my understanding. Very few PHA jurisdictions report their membership numbers publicly.

CA Traveling Man said...

I understand new member trends are increasing but not enough to offset our older brothers who passed.

Any data on trends in membership application separate from attrition?

Thanks for all your great research and posts.

Matt Johnson said...

I think there are about 100,000 PHA Masons in total. Going off an 8 year old chart and figuring they are declining in number like the rest of us.

Don said...

Indeed there is a global trend in freemasonry but I don't neccesarily see it as a bad thing. I think it may mean more of a challenge to brothers to think outside the box in terms of membership/recruitment (yes, we do recruit whether we actively are aware of this or not).

Also I feel it's getting to a point where it's quality vs quantity. Hopefully our membership trends hit some normalization.