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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Regular European Grand Lodges May Abandon GLNF

Le Myosotis Ligerian blog in France is reporting that regular, recognized grand lodges from across Europe met last weekend (May 8th) in Kiev, and have decided to withdraw recognition of the Grande Loge Nationale Française. The only holdout was the United Grand Lodge of England, whose representative wanted to take a few more days to consider the situation.

". . . a number of European Grand Lodges (we were the first to inform you the Germany was on the list) had decided to withdraw their recognition of the GLNF as a regular Grand Lodge. Things are moving quickly. Top representatives of all the Grand Lodges of Europe, including the UGLE, are meeting in Kiev, Ukraine this weekend. A former Supreme Commander of one of the 3 major jurisdictions here in France has just informed me that all the Grand Lodges of Europe present at this meeting, with the exception of the UGLE, have decided to withdraw their recognition of the regularity of the GLNF. Formal notification of this decision will be made to the GLNF in the mail next week. The UGLE, “extremely disturbed at the situation in France” (we quote a most senior official of the UGLE) will decide its official position in the next few days.

All the Grand Lodges, including the UGLE, wish the possibility of continuity for the Brethren and Lodges of the GLNF. The creation of a French territorial branch of the joint European Grand Lodges to which GLNF Brethren and Lodges could join is one possible solution envisaged."

No verification of any of this yet, but if the UGLE yanks recognition, this will be huge. Already, thr Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium, the United Grand Lodges of Germany, the National Grand Lodge of Poland, the Grand Lodge of Luxembourg and the Grand Lodge ALPINA of Switzerland have officially withdrawn recognition.

These events are occurring in light of the ongoing meltdown with the GLNF leadership that centers around Grand Master François Stifani. A Paris court found that the GLNF elections last year were improper, along with financial improprieties, and the court appointed an administrator until proper elections could be held. Stifani has done a legalistic dance since January, resigning as CEO of the business side of the grand lodge, but claiming he is still GM. Meanwhile, it's only been 154 days since the Paris court ordered Stifani to call for a General Assembly (their version of a grand lodge meeting) for new elections, "without delay."

The GLNF is the grand lodge currently most recognized by regular Freemasonry around the world, including the UGLE and US grand lodges.

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  1. Woah,
    Talk about a seismic shift! If this really happens it will be a massive change in the landscape of the Masonic world in France and Europe, with extension to the world. Grand Lodges around the world will have to examine their allegiances and recognition is bound to get waaaaay more complex, A recognises Bb, but B recognises J who recognises C! Headaches abound!
    Implications in GL sovereignty, regulation of regularity, individual responsibility of members, lodges and GL officers, the list goes on. This is far bigger than the de-recognition of the Grand Orient of Italy by the UGLE and will have a crushing impact on the ordinary members of GLNF who have been victims in the power struggle.

  2. If the UGLE pulls recognition, what then is the regular, recognized alternative?

  3. Good question. The Grande Loge de France is regular, and the objections to it would largely be over with whom they have allowed inter-visitation. But UGLE and GLNF spent so long drubbing them, I suspect they would find a way to make up with each other long before the GLdF got to the table. Stifani is the stumbling block here. When he finally leaves, the recognition problems will vanish.

  4. All's very interesting, but... there was NO meeting in Kiev. You repeated a fantasy from another blog.

  5. It's all very interesting, but... there was NO meeting in Kiev. Sorry, in this case you repeated a pure fantasy from another blog.


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