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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is a One Day "Class" Really "Masonic Education?"

Last August, it was reported that the Grand Lodge of Colorado had made a substantial commitment to educating the Craft by raising their budget for Masonic Education from $500 to almost $10,000. Brethren all across the country were heartened by that kind of substantial financial devotion to creating programs to better instruct both new and veteran Masons.

Well, apparently, it hasn't turned out that way.

Eight months later, word is coming out of Colorado that the budgeted money has been spent, not for education programs, but to fund one day mass-raisings around the state. Perhaps it's just a nomenclature problem, since they are called "One Day Classes."

I'll go out on a limb here, but I suspect that's not what the assembled brethren at their annual communication believed they were voting for last August. Meanwhile, there is apparently no money left over for any actual education programs for the year.


  1. Meanwhile, there is apparently no money left over for any actual education programs for the year.


    Great - Our government was founded by famous Freemasons, and now Freemasons are acting just like our government.

    Oh, wait... that's not funny.

  2. ODC is a misnomer for these Colorado's 150th Anniversary classes. No Candidate can participate in more than one degree per day. The degrees are not being offered in a row, but are spread out a month apart. Proof of election to receive that particular degree has to supplied from their Lodge, along with proof of proficiency for the 2nd or 3rd degrees.

    As for the other issue regarding funds, I can't speak to that as I do not have any knowledge or facts on that subject.

    Lance Rommerdahl, PM
    Secretary, Lakewood Lodge #170 AF&AM
    GL of Colorado

  3. To me it feels like Masonry has been turned into a business with a product for sale. With youtube videos and tv commercials it feels like we are selling ourselves and for cheap too. I do not believe in the one day classes.

    Masonic education should enhance what we learned in the degrees with discussions. Spending all the money allocated for education so we can crank out some dues payers hurts the craft.


  4. Our district tried out one-day classes, then stopped when it was realized there were not extremely functional. It's not a bad idea, it just does not pan out in making dedicated Freemasons in too many cases.

  5. While "one-day" classes have increased Indiana Masonic membership by about 3,000 members over the past few years - and while some of those so brought into Masonry have proven to be excellent Brothers - I continue to feel that we are cheating the Initiates by subjecting them to a "class" setting as opposed to the individual attention paid them in the traditional initiatory process. Perhaps there is a place for abbreviated or one day events when certain aspirants truly need to become members in a very quick way - but for it to become the norm strikes me as a blow against our historically selective methods of advancement in Masonry. Colleges may "accelerate" particularly bright students - but they do not endeavor to push students to complete in days what would normally require weeks. Freemasonry is a course of moral instruction that requires time to learn, contemplate, and then master. Just as are school subjects. Does Freemasonry need to play a "numbers game" in order to continue to support huge buildings and large Lodges? I think we are fooling ourselves when we begin to assume the easy way is the same as the best way. Let's get back to the ancient traditions of the Craft - with perhaps a very few exceptions for those in exceptional circumstances.
    So Mote It Be.

    Michael Gillard, PM:.OPC:.KYCH:.


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