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Monday, August 09, 2010

Grand Lodge of Colorado's Commitment to Masonic Education

W:.B:. Cliff Porter reports that the assembled brethren at the recently concluded annual communication of the Grand Lodge of Colorado AF&AM eliminated all budgeting for Masonic outreach programs, and cut many other programs, as well. The one notable exception? The Masonic Education budget was increased by $6,000, to $9,600. Moreover, the increase was proposed from the floor by brothers who were not members of the Masonic Education Committee.

The Grand Lodge of Colorado's per capita was increased to $42 per member. They have approximately 10,000 members statewide.


  1. Hey Dummie, In Iowa this year there has been presented legislation that increases our GL dues $5. from $30 - $35. there is also a piece that will fine lodges with no representation at the sessions. monetary fines for 10 years then pulling the charter after that

  2. Why a grand lodge would stand for a lodge not being represented at the annual communication for an entire decade before pulling their charter is beyond me.


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