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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poll Results: Do dues cover your lodge's annual expenses?

April Poll Results: Do your lodge dues (minus grand lodge assessments) cover your lodge's annual expenses?
• Yes. 115 (36%)
• No, but we have other regular income (rent, investments, etc.). 102 (32%)
• No, we regularly run in the red. 75 (23%)
• I don't know.
26 (8%)
Total Votes: 318


  1. Probably ought to have been a 'Yes, but barely' option. We cover all our expenses with dues, but we don't have any wiggle room.

  2. I ran the numbers the last year I was secretary of my mother lodge. Our dues at the time were $125/year, about $30 of which went to Grand Lodge.

    We were spending $175 per dues paying member just to keep the building open. (No meals, no regalia or Masonic supplies, just the regular monthly bills and upkeep.) If it hadn't been for the nice little check we got every month for rent on a commercial property the old guard had prudently hung onto when they sold the old lodge hall, we'd have closed the doors years before.

    Not every lodge is so lucky. Which is why I still maintain that by and large, lodge dues are too flippin' low.


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