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Saturday, April 02, 2011

LineLearner For iPhone

If memorizing ritual is as tough for you as it is for me, here's a helpful app for iPhone users. LineLearner 3.0 ($3.99 from AllDayApps) is designed for anyone who needs to learn parts for plays, rituals, etc. It allows you to record lines, and play them back, as monologues or dialogues. You can listen to the full recording, or insert gaps so you can bounce your part off the other lines. You can even break up the recording into scenes. And if needed, the program will prompt you, just like an old Past Master on the sidelines in Buzzard's Row.

There is also a free version that limits you to just 10 lines, if you have a small part to learn, or just want to try it out.

Depending on your obligations, mileage in your jurisdiction may vary...

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