Monday, June 28, 2010

Freemasonry. Be Legendary.

If we're going to advertise, here's my suggestion.

Of course, it presupposes that we as Masons and our lodges live up to the legend, as well. If not, why aren't we?


Michael said...

That's superb.

John Benton said...

Good, concise, and ringing with truth. However, I find it somewhat amusing that its an unlisted video, considering it seems to be a recruiting ad of sorts.

Chris Hodapp said...

I threw this together this morning as a reaction against this story:

It is not ready for prime time. It's not officially sanctioned by the Grand Lodge of Indiana, or anyone else. It's only a suggestion.

John Benton said...

Ah, then I understand the decision, and I hope I didn't offend.

Personally, though I'm a young Mason, I echo your feelings. I think its something we should keep special and guard carefully, not to air our laundry (both dirty and clean!) for all to see.

After all, there is nothing in Masonry that you can measure in monetary value. So isn't the value inherent in how we treat and regard the Craft? Something is only special if you make it special.

Chris Hodapp said...

For a much longer discussion about advertising and Freemasonry, see here.

Mike said...

Nice, it had a Marine Corp Officer recruitment feel about it.

2 BOWL CAIN said...

Should not that be put in past tense?

instead of Freemasons "are", should not it be Freemasons "were" all these things.

They changed the world back then due to political and religious discussions that were repressing mankind, not charity work for validity?
Two very different org's.
Cute though.....

Chris Hodapp said...

As I said, it presupposes that we as Masons and our lodges had better live up to the legend.

The K.N.O. said...

I know several brothers in just in our lodges who live up to the term 'legendary' in a positive way. There is much that has been done and much left to do.