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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Masonic Week 2010: Pete Normand Named Newest Blue Friar

At the 66th Annual Consistory of the Society of Blue Friars, an organization of Masonic authors, Friar Thomas Jackson opened the meeting and introduced the newest member: Pierre G. "Pete" Normand, Jr. of College Station, Texas, Blue Friar No. 99. Pete is a Past Master of both Sul Ross Lodge No. 1300 and St. Alban's Lodge No. 1455 in College Station, Texas, and is a Past Master of the Texas Lodge of Research. He is the former editor of American Masonic Review and of the Plumbline, the bulletin of the Scottish Rite Research Society.

Pete's paper was on the formation and growth of Traditional Observance, European Concept, and other so-called traditional practices lodges. These types of lodges follow to one extent or another the "Seven Principles of Traditional Freemasonry" as enumerated by Worshipful Brother John Mauk Hilliard, Past Master of Independent Royal Arch Lodge No. 2, New York Constitution: Ritual excellence, education, festive board or table lodge, charitable outreach, elegance of dress, selectivity and exclusivity, and a strong demand of commitment by its members. St. Alban's was founded in 1992, and was arguably the first U.S. lodge to be established using these guidelines.

The Blue Friars were formed in 1932 to recognize Masonic authors. There are currently twenty-two members.

Blue Friars' Grand Abbot S. Brent Morris was unfortunately absent from the entire weekend, including a dinner address to the Rosicrucians, the Scottish Rite Research Society lunch, and the Blue Friars, all owing to his inability to dig his way out of the nearly four feet of snow filling his driveway.

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  1. I do so hope Br. Pete will, in the future, expand upon his reasoning for claiming that elements of the MM Degree existed prior to 1717, specifically - does he mean as a third degree in a tri-gradal system, or simply present in _A_ degree?


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