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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Lost Symbol Movie in 2012

Columbia Pictures has announced British screenwriter Steven Knight will be adapting Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol for a projected 2012 movie version. Imagine Entertainment's Brian Grazer and and John Calley are producing. No word on whether Tom Hanks will return for the third Robert Langdon film, although he has publicly expressed his interest in the role. Director Ron Howard isn't attached to the project yet either, although he is a partner at Imagine.

According to Variety, The Da Vinci Code movie grossed $758 million worldwide in 2006, while last year's Angels & Demons came in at $486 million.

Knight replaces Akiva Goldsman, the writer for the first two films, and the most expensive screen writer in Hollywood. A relative newcomer to the big budget film world, Knight can't help but bring something fresh to the series. In 2006, he penned the wonderful Amazing Grace, about British slave abolitionist William Wilberforce. Better, he was a writer for Britain's Frankie Howerd back in the 1990s.

No, it's not THAT Stephen Knight.


  1. That's a rather provocative name to be writing about Masons, don't you think?

  2. just for giggles I hope they plan on releasing on 12.21.2012


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