Friday, March 07, 2008

Grand Master of Venezuela Murdered

Most Worshipful Brother Francisco "Paco" Pereiro Liz, Grand Master of Masons in the Republic of Venezuela, was shot and killed Wednesday evening. According to preliminary information from the Francmasoneria Universal blog and a press release from the Grand Lodge of Washington DC, the Grand Master was shot during a robbery and kidnapping attempt. He was a coffee grower and the murder took place on his farm near Barqisimeto.

GM Liz had just been installed for his second three year term two weeks ago on April 23rd. Funeral services will take place on Saturday in Valencia, Venezuela.

His column is broken. His death was untimely, and his brethren mourn.


Widow's Son said...

This is sad.

I wonder if it's tied in somehow with the latest buzz from Venuzuela about an impending war with Colombia. This could get ugly indeed.

My condolences to M.W. Bro. Liz's family and brethren.

Widow's Son

Rolando F. Blanco C:. said...

Thanks My Bro:. for your words!