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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Save $$ During Last Days Of Dummies Month

I just looked on Amazon.com and noticed there are just a few days left in "Dummies Month." Sometimes the author is the last to know, but I don't mind tubthumping for the brand. And it's a way to save some cash from your book budget. Five bucks a book is a pretty sweet deal. But it's only good through March 31st.

Now's the time to spring for all of those Dummies books you've been needing, on every subject from scuba diving to Photoshop. Or in our case, multi-family housing management. Through March 31, 2008, you can receive a $5 mail-in manufacturer's rebate with the purchase of any Dummies book from Amazon priced $6.99 or higher. Choose from over 1,000 For Dummies books on hundreds of subjects in their Dummies store.

Here endeth the shameless plug.

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