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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Symbolic Re-Opening of Prince Hall's African Lodge No. 450

The 5th biennial symbolic re-opening of African Lodge No. 459 will take place in Boston, the birthplace of Prince Hall Freemasonry, on April 26-27th, 2008. The program will begin Saturday at 10AM in the William E. Reed Auditorium of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Masonic Temple, at 24 Washington Street in the Grove Hall area of Dorchester.

Friday's program will feature historic tours to Castle island (where Hall and his brethren were raised), Prince Hall's grave at Copp's Hill, the Mystic Arlington Cemetery, African Meeting House, and other sites. Discussion sessions will follow at the hotel.

Saturday will be the symbolic reopening of African Lodge No. 459, and the reception of visiting Grand Masters and delegations. That evening will be a concert and dance. The events will also include a dramatic presentation featuring Prince Hall exploring what occurred during the period between the formation of African Lodge No. 1 and the establishment of African Lodge No. 459, in 1784.

Proper Masonic dress is requested for all attendees at the reopening ceremony.

Lodging: Sheraton Braintree Hotel
37 Forbes Road Braintree, MA 02184
(781) 848-0600

(Price: $92.00/night + tax; mention African Lodge when reservations)

For more information: contact RW Ronald Crichlow, Chairman,
M.W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge
P.O. Box 173 Dorchester, MA 02121
RW Rex Edrington, Co-Chairman, African Lodge No. 459.

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