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Monday, March 03, 2008

The Dummies Tour Mushes On In March

Scottish Rite valley of Pittsburgh

This Thursday, March 6th, I'll have the honor of addressing the Scottish Rite Valley of Pittsburgh at an open house at 7:30PM. No reservations are required, and I understand the event is open to the general public. If you are in the vicinity, please stop by.

On Friday, March 14th I'm traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah as the guest speaker for Wasatch Lodge No. 1. I've never been to Salt Lake City before, and I have heard many good things about the activities at Wasatch Lodge.

On March 19th, I'll be speaking to the DeMolay Legion of Honor luncheon at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Indianapolis.

March 22nd, I'm off to Lawrenceville, Illinois for what is shaping up to be a very big York Rite event and dinner. My friend and brother Chris Kimmel, PM of Vincennes Lodge No. 1 says the Illinois York Rite guys are doing great things, are very active, and are tremendous fun. So I'm really looking forward to this evening.

Last weekend, I had the tremendous honor of being elevated to a Knight of York in the Marvin D. Isley York Rite College No. 129 in Shelbyville, Indiana. Lots of familiar friends and faces from Indiana's many Masonic bodies were there. The ritual was especially interesting to me, telling a part of the legendary development of Masonry that no other body discusses. many thanks to all who turned out to give us three candidates such a memorable experience. And a fine dinner, too!

On the health front, my team of doctors (five, the last time I counted) have been all around the barnyard and come full circle in deciding that my UFBs (unidentified floating blobs) really are just one, big, interconnected goiter. A CAT scan last week has determined that it has not grown since December, so the belief is that it is not cancer, in spite of a ghoulish oncologist's pronouncements on Christmas Day, with my family clustered around my hospital bed like a creepy Russian novel. Yes, I'll still have it removed, but probably in mid or late April, so as to more effectively beg for sympathy from the IRS with my slit throat. But I am not canceling any commitments I have with events. If I promised your group I'd be there, I will.


  1. W. Bro. Hodapp,

    I hope all goes well with you going under the knife. I had hoped I was going to be able to go to masonic week to see all the events and meet with bros. justin and reed to cause havoc among the alexandrians - and to see you and yours as well.

    Hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

    (A DE Freemason)

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  3. Chris,

    I didn't know that you were not a Knight of York. Congratulations on receiving the honor. You will have to journey to Terre Haute where I am currently serving as Seneschal.

    In a touch of ironry, a few months before I was invited, I gave a historic paper at my AMD chapter on the history of York, Athelstan and their claims to Freemasonry.

    Chris Kimmel


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