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Monday, March 10, 2008

West Virginia: The Continuing Crisis

More troubles (if that's possible) are turning up in West Virginia, it seems. According to the Masonic Crusade website, brethren who present papers in open lodge that so much as echo the perspectives of suspended Past Grand Master Frank Haas are engaging in un-Masonic conduct. Further, a letter sent to Worshipful Masters by current Grand Master Charles Montgomery warns them of his view concerning such papers, but admonishes that Masters are forbidden to read this warning letter in open lodge or to show it to anyone. Masters around the state are reportedly afraid to even mention the letter to their lodges.

It is difficult to divine the truth from WV Masons at this point, as many feel threatened over any internet communication whatsoever. But it is clear that the standoff between the GM and supporters of Frank Haas has not cooled. In the end, that's bad for Freemasonry in West Virginia. The old school belief that what happens behind a GM's closed office doors stays there is no longer true, and the Internet can send details of such situations around the world in seconds. Likewise, when WV Masons compare their laws to the jurisdictions across the country and seek to make changes, ignoring or threatening them won't work forever.

A vow to the Masons of West Virginia to reintroduce the rule changes of MWBro. Haas individually so proper votes can be taken in October would go a long way to start re-building bridges. Such action would take bravery and the abandonment of some ego for the greater good. Such are the qualities of strong leadership. The Masonic world continues to watch.

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  1. We've made a post about this on our blog, thesettingmaul.blogspot.com, where we like to bring to light the foibles of Masons and Freemasonry. Hopefully this Masonic Moron will remember to act like a true Freemason, and not some incredible asshat.


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