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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Somebody Needs To Save This

It's out of the range of my current financial circumstances, but I saw this auction on Ebay tonight. It's a 4'x6' stained glass window depicting the weeping virgin and Father Time, with other symbolism on the edges. Look at the enlargements for the details. The description says it's from a New Jersey lodge. "Buy it now" price is $2,500, but he'll take an offer.

Hate to see beautiful pieces like this vanish. Does anyone know what lodge it might have come from?

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  1. Wondering about how old is that panel? It is considered stained glass, however the symbols and art work on the glass is painted then "cooked" on the glass very unique, and time consuming. Not a skill you will ever see today.That was made when craftmen's took pride in their skill. Please let me know as much information as you can on this piece. I think it's from a lodge in New Jersey. Nib wisconsin thanks again for your time.


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