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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Eliminating Bad Vegetables From Masonic Dinners


  1. Now if we could only eliminate the bad chicken, the bad store-bought cookies, and the bad coffee.

  2. I don't care...lima beans at a fish fry is just WRONG....very wrong!

  3. Visit Vitruvian and you'll never have to eat such things.

    Well, maybe for Lodge of Instruction. But never any other time.

  4. Green beans are wrong, morally and spiritually. There is nothing even the great Masonic order can do to correct that horrible plant. Sic semper tyrannis

  5. The monster from "It Conquered the World!" (referenced in Zappa's "Cheepnis")

  6. Proving that it is not Freemasonry that controls the world, but Masonic vegetables.


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