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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ken Follett's 'Pillars Of The Earth" Miniseries Premieres Friday

Freemasons take note: the story of medieval operative stonemasons constructing a cathedral comes to life in STARZ' new miniseries "Pillars Of The Earth", from the acclaimed Ken Follett novel.

From the STARZ website:

This epic tale of passion and greed begins when a mysterious secret disrupts the succession to the English crown and an unlikely member of King Henry’s family takes the throne. A power struggle between Henry’s daughter, Maud, and nephew, Stephen, causes England to be torn by war as battles rage for the rightful heir. Meanwhile, Bishop Waleran Bigod and the Hamleigh family manipulate the conflict to satisfy their own ruthless ambitions. Within this tumultuous setting, Prior Philip fights insurmountable obstacles to keep Kingsbridge and his dream of building a magnificent cathedral alive. The task is daunting, but master-mason Tom Builder, his gifted stepson, Jack, and noblewoman Aliena work together to achieve their dreams. And in the process, the long-hidden secret is revealed.

Premiering July 23, The Pillars of the Earth will be the epic event of the summer. Starring Ian McShane (“Deadwood”) as Waleran Bigod, Rufus Sewell (The Holiday) as Tom Builder, Matthew Macfadyen (Frost/Nixon) Prior Philip, Eddie Redmayne (The Good Shepherd) as Jack, Hayley Atwell (Captain America) as Aliena and Donald Sutherland (“Dirty Sexy Money”) as Bartholomew.

Premieres Friday, July 23rd: Encore 10:00pm, Starz 10:00pm, and Saturday, July 24th: Starz Edge 12:00am

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