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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Canonbury Masonic Research Centre Conference: Anti-Masonry 10/30-31

London's Canonbury Masonic Research Centre is pleased to announce that tickets for its twelfth annual conference, which this year is on the theme of ‘Anti-Masonry’, are now available.

Tickets for the conference are £100. Price includes entrance to the film screening of the film Les Forces Occultes during the evening of Friday 29 October at University College London and a wine reception, as well as two buffet luncheons over the conference weekend. Tickets for the Saturday evening conference dinner are an additional £40.

The film Les Forces Occultes was made in 1943 by two "former Masons", Jean Marques-Riviere and Jean Mamy. Both men were Vichey supporters and collaborated with the Nazis to produce anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic propaganda. When the war ended, Mamy was sentenced to death for his work with the Gestapo, and was shot in March 1949. Marques-Riviere escaped prosecution, and was condemned to death in absentia. He died in 2000.

The following lectures are scheduled to be presented at the conference:

• Keynote lecture: Protocols of the Elders of Zion Professor Michael Hagemeister, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

• Anti-masonry and masonic transnationalism: a complex interplay
Dr. Joachim Berger, Institute of European History, Mainz

• Blaming the Great War on the masons' entente: Friedrich Wichtl, 1872-1921
Dr. Reinhard Markner, Berlin

• The anti-masonic writings of General Erich Ludendorff
Jimmy Koppen, Free University of Brussels

• Anti-masonry as political protest: Fascist attitudes to Freemasonry in interwar Romania
Roland Clark, University of Pittsburgh

• Keynote lecture: Franco's persecution of Freemasonry
Professor José Antonio Ferrer Benimeli, University of Zaragoza

• 'Anti-masonry' in nineteenth-century Ottoman Lebanon: an offensive against Anglo-Saxon and protestant missionaries?
Saïd Chaaya, L'Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes/Sorbonne

• Anti-masonry among the Ottomans and in contemporary Turkey
Professor Thierry Zarcone, CNRS, Paris

• Trends of anti-masonry in Eastern Orthodox cultures
Dr. Yuri Stoyanov, Research Fellow, SOAS, University of London

• 'The Devil's sons': one century of anti-masonry in the Arab world
Stephan Schmid, American University of Beirut

• Keynote lecture: Professor John Robison (1739-1805)
Professor Andrew Prescott, Hatii, University of Glasgow

• The reception of anti-masonry in the eighteenth-century English press
Dr. Róbert Péter, Senior Assistant Professor, University of Szeged

• Barruel's conspiracy theory - a theoretical approach
Claus Oberhauser, University of Innsbruck

• A Swedish diplomat's recently deciphered perspective on the Unlawful Societies Act of 1799
Dr. Andreas Önnerfors, University of Sheffield

• The voice of Morgan's blood cries from the ground': reading American anti-masonry through anti-masonic almanacs, 1827-1837
Jeff Croteau, MA MLS, National Heritage Museum, Lexington, Massachusetts

• Keynote lecture: War on the Freemasons: the fate of Nazi and Soviet seized books and archives
Dr. Patricia Kennedy Grimsted, Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University

• Anti-masonic thought in France: the example of Bernard Faÿ
Jen Farrar, University of Sheffield

• Visual evidence used by Franco's Police in the persecution of Spanish Freemasons Dr. Sylvia Hottinger, Carlos III University, Madrid

• Stolen truth or truth stolen?
Dr. Hans Kummerer, Quatuor Coronati Research Lodge, Austria

• The ongoing restitution of the Norwegian masonic library and archives
Helge Bjørn Horrisland, Norwegian Order of Freemasons

For further information please contact conference organiser, Matthew Scanlan, Tel: 020 7226 6256 Email: conference@canonbury.ac.uk Website: http://www.canonbury.ac.uk

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