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Monday, March 24, 2008

To The Brethren of Lawrenceville, Illinois

I had a fantastic Saturday in Bridgeport and Lawrenceville, Illinois with the southeastern Illinois York Rite. Many thanks to everyone who came out to Bridgeport Lodge, and dinner at Callahan's in the Lawrenceville Elk's Club.

Thanks especially to Bill Hussey, Most Excellent Grand High Priest Bruce Rhinehart, and John and Brad Koehler for their invitation and their warm welcome. And thanks of course to Ed Oliver for his Harry S Truman story...

It was great to see Chris and Toni Kimmel, and Burnell from Vincennes No. 1.

I also had the extraordinary honor of being made an honorary member of Henry Godeke Chapter No. 38 Royal Arch Masons.

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful evening.


  1. Chris,

    You forgot Ed's story about selling Red Skelton's cigar out of his mouth for $100.

    It was a very enjoyable evening! I think you made a wonderful birthday present.


    p.s. I don't know how Toni spells it, but my last name only has one "L".

  2. Chris,
    Enjoyed meeting you Saturday. We can send Ed to Indy any time you need someone to speak upon Harry S Truman.



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