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Thursday, March 13, 2008

One Vote Can Make A Difference

Today's lesson in civics and community involvement. And perhaps best illustrating how 'all politics is local.' From the Associated Press:
No voters showed up Wednesday night to cast a ballot in an annexation referendum for an unincorporated Broward County community.

There are 68 registered voters in the 200-person Prospect Bend neighborhood. Tamarac officials have proposed annexing the neighborhood.

Details were mailed to registered voters. If just one voter had shown up, that one vote would have decided the neighborhood's fate.

The cost of keeping a polling site open for 12 hours with no voters: $2,500.


  1. One of my inspirations for seeking out membership in a local, community-oriented, fraternal organization is a friend and former boss who's in the Knights of Columbus, the chamber of commerce, and various other community organizations.

    When I told him I was joining the Masons and mentioned that I had been inspired by his example, he passed on a something someone once told him, and it has really stuck with me:

    "The world is run by the people who bother to show up."

  2. The future belongs to those who show up for it.

    (Mark Steyn)


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