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Monday, March 10, 2008

Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic

The Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic has released the following announcement.

Prague, 8th March 2008

Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic

During an impressive festive Grand Lodge meeting which took place on 8 th March 2008 at the historical site of the Strahov monastery, attended by the Grand Masters of Germany, Austria and Poland and eleven official delegations from foreign Grand Lodges, the Brethren and Lodges previously under the Czech Grand Orient (Veliký Orient Èeský) were formally integrated into the Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic. Lodge Humanizmus, in Bratislava until now directly under the Grand Orient of France was also included.

A District Grand Lodge of Slovakia was constituted during the same meeting, being the final step before the constitution of the Grand Lodge of Slovakia

Freemasonry in the Czech and Slovak Republics counts now about 450 members spread over 20 lodges.

The Masonic Order was first introduced in Bohemia during the mid 18th century, but remained prohibited during the entire 19th century under the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. After World War I and the creation of the Czechoslovak state, Freemasonry developped rapidly during the 1st Republic period counting prominent members such as the painter A. Mucha, President Edward Benes and Minister Jan Masaryk.

Freemasonry was again banned and its members persecuted under the Nazi and Communist regimes.

The 1989 Velvet Revolution was the beginning of a new era of freedom and development. This date coincides with the rebirth of Freemasonry in Czechoslovakia.

The Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic is in amity with 155 masonic Grand Lodges worldwide.

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