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Monday, May 27, 2019

New Video Ads from Scottish Rite NMJ's "Not Just A Man" Campaign

The Scottish Rite Northern Masonic Jurisdiction's comprehensive "Not Just A Man. A Mason." advertising campaign for Craft Freemasonry has been enthusiastically adopted all across the U.S. by grateful grand lodges and individual lodges alike. 

The most recent video, "Nice Guys," (above) is now available in both :30 and :60 second lengths. 

I believe I heard last week that the print and video campaigns are now being used far beyond the borders of the NMJ, and are appearing in some 44 states and six countries. That is how starved this fraternity has been for a quality and effective message, and well produced material.

This professional campaign can be customized to a certain extent for any lodge or grand lodge, provided certain guidelines are followed and the material is not substantially altered. The Scottish Rite is making all of this material available at no cost to the entire fraternity, and the overall message and the approach is based on extensive market and demographic research done two years ago. Results of those surveys and a wealth of data can be found in Reclaiming The Soul of Freemasonry by John William McNaughton.

The complete set of campaign materials can be found at the www.notjustaman.org website.

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