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Saturday, March 12, 2016

GLNF To Consider Action in GA, TN Situation

In the wake of the recent actions by the Grand Lodges of California and the District of Columbia, along with the regular Grand lodge of Belgium, against Georgia and Tennessee, now the Grande Loge Nationale de France is looking into the matter. 

(They have only recently dug out of their own circumstances involving mass action by worldwide GLs over internal problems themselves, so I'm sure they are reluctant to start yanking recognition of anybody at this point.)

The following message was posted on the GLNF website from MW Grand Master Jean-Pierre Servel:

(Translation thanks to Google and Brother Oscar Alleyne)

My dear and beloved brothers,
Allow me to express my concern about the recent events agitating Freemasonry in the United States. The debates that are taking place now follow discriminatory pronouncements that the Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of Georgia and Tennessee have seen fit to take against homosexuals.

Needless to remember that, like all regular Masons around the world, we have taken the solemn and sacred obligation to faithfully obey the laws of our country.

I can only be shocked by such attitudes.

Beyond the affection and brotherhood that we bring to all our American brothers, I express my full compassion to the suffering that might result from this division of the Brotherhood over such a social issue.

The universal ideals of Freemasonry, made of brotherhood, mutual understanding, intelligence of the heart, must prevail and protect Freemasons from such divisions and positions generated and maintained in the US and elsewhere.

Consequently, I take this issue to our National Council of Elders to gather and submit its opinion of the problem in its entirety at the next Sovereign Grand Committee, which will only propose to the Grand Lodge what attitude to be adopted, and what action we will take in this case.

My sincerest fraternal greetings, my dear and beloved brothers.

Jean-Pierre Servel, Grand Master


  1. The scrutiny of American masonry is now worldwide and the grand lodges are not the only Masonic groups being examined. The Grotto is the subject of accusations, and the Supreme Council Southern of filing IRS reports where (2013 and earlier in the sworn IRS filings) most of the charitable foundation income went to topping up the salary of the Supreme Commander (paid more than President Obama) and colleagues so that, for example, in 2013 out of more than 1,200,000 income just over 200,000 went for the kids:


    The publicity given by national public radio has been particularly damaging.

    1. Unbelievable... but facts do not lie.

      I find it ironic that a similar situation is going on within the United Supreme Council AASR SJ Prince Hall Affiliation concerning financial issues and embezzlement that is going through the court system in Shelby County/ Memphis, TN currently.

  2. These men are your brothers.

    As Masons we pride ourselves on being a united brotherhood of men under the fatherhood of a God; men of all religions, races, creeds, financial backgrounds, educational backgrounds and heritage. It is a brotherhood of tolerance and such hatred and bigotry has no place in Freemasonry.

    As Masons you swore an obligation to consider their interests as your own. Bigotry, hatred and discrimination has no place in a society founded on the principles of brotherhood of man.

    Seek out all good God-fearing men from all aspects of society and welcome them into our sanctuary. Help them become better men and perpetuate the values of Freemasonry.

  3. Charities, Masonic or not, should be administered at minimum cost.

    Many of us raise money for charities without being paid.

    The figures are disturbing. And they are being publicized by those who, rightly, say the Scottish Rite takes its members from several grand lodges that discriminate on grounds of race and gender but are the only way someone can qualify to join the Rite.

    Moreover, the Rite also recognizes rites like England, part of Germany (irony) and Scandinavia that will not take Jews.

    I sell you a computer but neglect to tell you it doesnt work in London or Oslo because you are Jewish. I tell you we dont discriminate in selling you our computers but if you are African American from Alabama, its impossible to qualify to buy it, You would report me to the better business bureau.

    Brother Peter, its impossible to welcome good men as we are America's most segregated society.

    And our charities should have the lowest costs of any because we are based on volunteers.

    1. I have always been baffled that any group that has restrictions contrary to Freemasonry is permitted to attach itself in some way to Freemasonry.

  4. Most of this is uniquely american and it is about time that a light has been shined on the "dirty south" and it's unmasonic behavior.

  5. We Masons took a solemn and sincere oath to provide brotherly love, relief, and truth to ALL members of the human race. There were no conditions placed on that oath. Any 'Mason' who thinks that the tenets of masonry are otherwise conditional is violating that oath and should be demitted immediately!!


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