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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rosslyn Bans Photography

Beginning January 2nd, visitors to Scotland's Rosslyn Chapel can just leave their cameras in the car. The Chapel authorities say they are doing this for "health and safety reasons." It seems that videographers are tripping and falling on the uneven floor slabs as they watch their viewfinders instead of their step.

And still cameras? Oh, the flash bulbs cause epileptic seizures.

But don't worry.

The gift shop has plenty of souvenirs to sell you to make up for the loss of that keepsake photo you won't be allowed to take.

Kindly tell these Scotsmen to stop perpetuating a cultural stereotype. I'm reminded of the Bugs Bunny cartoon when the Scotsman fires a musket ball at Bugs. It misses and eventually falls to the ground. The Scotsman runs over, picks it up, wipes it off, and puts it back in his gun. "S'been in the family fer years."

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