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Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Election Night

It's election night at Broad Ripple Lodge tonight.

I hate election nights.


  1. OK, I will show my lack of culture and refinement ... where did this image come from?

  2. It's from an episode of the Andy Griffith Show from 1966 called "The Lodge."

    Howard Sprague petitions the "Regal Order of Good Fellowship," but his controlling mother talks Goober into blackballing him by claiming her son has a gambling problem.

    The shot is just as Andy counts the ballot and suddenly discovers the black ball.

    During lodge meetings, the members all wear red fezzes and blue satin tunics.

  3. http://ttatwavs.atspace.com/Andy/blkball.wav

  4. I wonder what Opie Cunningham was doing when Andy had the pot on his head?

    Bi Sheng...

  5. That picture is not safe for Indiana.

    Note that it was taken in a bar.

  6. Heh.
    This was North Carolina in 1966.
    It's a keg of root beer.


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