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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rose Circle Society Upcoming Events

The Rose Circle Society is a new organization dedicated to exploring esoteric knowledge, with a particular interest in its place within Freemasonry. Two of the founding members of the Society are Brother Christopher McIntosh, member of Pilgrim Lodge No. 238 in London, and author of several books about Rosicrucianism and 17th-19th century occultists; and brother Robert A. Gilbert, 1997 Prestonian Lecturer, Past Master of Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 , former editor of Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, and co-author of Freemasonry: A Celebration of the Craft.

Growing out of a 2006 esoteric conference in New Jersey, the Society is planning two events in New York in 2008. The first was just announced on the MasonicLight Yahoo discussion group.

At the Grand Lodge building on 23rd St. in New York City on Saturday April 12th, the Rose Circle will bring you a full day of scholastic analysis & insight into the effects & subsequent value of Ritual Initiation. Speaker Line Up Includes:

Charles Cicero who is a well known adept/practitioner and author on various Initiatic paths involving ritual workings. He is also the Grand Senior Warden of the Florida Grand Commandery & member of the Red Cross of Constantine and an 8th grade member of the SRICF.

Tabith Cicero (Author, Writer and Sister in the Order of the Eastern Star in Florida) Tabitha will be speaking on the Tarot and its ritualistic application.

Cliff Jacobs (Cliff is an Honorary 33rd* recipient, the current Orator for the Consistory, the former Director of Work for the Rose Croix Chapter at the Scottish Rite Valley in Manhattan. Cliff is a well known, published writer & public speaker who often appears in the papers as well as various venues in New York City. He serves as the Deputy Executive Director for Queens Public Television in New York City)

The second event will be in October 2008, with details to be announced.


  1. What's the date for the first event in NY? Will it be open to a visiting Master Mason?

  2. Sorry, I cut off the opening sentence. Fixed now, but it's April 12th.

    I know no more details than what has been posted. Contact them directly for details.

  3. The idea is great.

    The website isn't very helpful.

    It isn't even clear if you need to be a Mason to join; if your membership includes entry to the conference, and what the cost of the conference would be for Mason/non-Mason Member/Non-Member.

    Hopefully the details will become clear, eventually.

  4. I do not believe you have to be a Mason to be a member of the Rose Circle, as there were several female Professors of Anthropology from Princeton and NYU at the conference in Bayonne. I also hear that one of the Fellows' wives is a correspondence member. I do not see a way to sign up on the website though, so I have simply fired off an email on the contact page.



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