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Saturday, December 01, 2007

But Who's Counting?

Amidst of all of November's brouhaha over new lodges, breakaways, and a new "Grand Orient," it is only fair to point out that there are over 315 grand lodges regarded as irregular, unrecognized, clandestine by the mainstream currently working in the US right now. The new group has generated lots of press. Others don't, but they still exist (including here in Indiana — my Hoosier brethren will be shocked to discover) unknown to almost all of us.

The indefatigable Paul M. Bessel has undertaken the incredible job of attempting to list them. Have a look at http://bessel.org/glsusa.htm


  1. I noticed that Halcyon had the nicety to call itself a Traditional Observance Lodge on their website.

    It seems like although they could not breakaway fast enough they will spend the rest of the time trying to obtain some level of respectablity trying to pretend to be something they are not.

  2. I am not certain how the MRF will respond, since they seem committed to making sure that Grand Lodges are not spooked by the concept of TO lodges. The whole point of TO lodges is to provide a different and unique lodge experience that still manages to stay within Grand Lodge guidelines.

  3. Black Mainstream MasonDecember 12, 2007 3:18 PM

    Dear Chris,

    Your local Hoosier brethren are blissfully unaware of the other Grand Lodges that operate as Masonic entities in your State because they are for the most part run by black men in their own communities which are fairly insulated in Indiana with regards to the neighborhoods and cognitive maps of Mainstream Masons in Indiana. There is one group of non-recognized (in so far as your GL is concerned) Masons that is not confined to the black community in Indiana, and they are of French Origin working several variations of Rites including the M+M.


    Bro. Rob

  4. All true.

    I have met many PHO Masons in and around Indianapolis, and more than a few KSS as well.

    Although, is there still a Memphis-Misraim lodge at work in Indiana? I know there was once one in Evansville, and another outside of Chicago, but I've not heard much about them lately.


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