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Sunday, March 20, 2016

2016 California Masonic Symposium: African American Fraternal Experience 6/11-12

The Grand Lodge of California and the California Masonic Foundation sponsor the California Masonic Symposium annually. Each symposium addresses a topic of historical and philosophical relevance to Masonry. Many symposia are open to the general public.

This year's topic is: The African American Fraternal Experience
Oakland: June 11
Pasadena: June 12
African American Freemasonry and fraternalism has a deep and rich history that has affected the course of the United States. From the time of Reconstruction, African American fraternal societies have developed on their own, sometimes despite much adversity and controversy. Regardless, Prince Hall masonry has been able to maintain connections with the original traditions of Freemasonry, and is solidly engrained within the social fabric of the United States.
Dive into this fascinating topic with well-known Masonic historians: 

- John Williams, past president of the Phylaxis Society and the 2016 Henry Wilson Coil Lecturer
- Elquemedo Oscar Alleyne, DrPh, noted Masonic historian

They will address these topics and more:

  • How has the history of African American fraternalism affected the whole of Freemasonry?
  • What have irregular fraternal groups and concordant bodies added to (or detracted from) Prince Hall masonry and other masonic lodges?
  • What does the future of Freemasonry look like, and how does this affect our ideas of brotherly love and friendship today?
  • Broaden your understanding of American history and masonic knowledge at this year's California Masonic Symposium.

    For more information about the symposium, contact Member Services HERE.

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