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Monday, September 13, 2010

"Violent Attack" Threats Against Lodges in Oklahoma

An email threatening multiple Masonic lodges across Oklahoma, combined with a suspicious box found outside of the temple in Kingston, was enough to bring out the bomb squad Saturday night.

From the KXII.com website:

Police officers first arrived to the Lodge around 7:30pm, Saturday, after one of the members reported a strange box.

Lodge members were concerned because prior to the box's arrival, a threatening e-mail had been sent to the Masonic Lodge headquarters in Oklahoma City, pinpointing the Kingston building as a target for a potential violent attack.

Authorities say the email targeted several lodges across southern Oklahoma.

As the Oklahoma Highway Patrol bomb squad worked to open the suspicious box, they discovered it was just a case of bottled water with political advertising.

Crews cleared the scene around 2am, Sunday morning.

Investigators are looking into the source of that threatening e-mail, but say it appears the two events are unrelated.

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