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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grand Lodge of Ohio F&AM Considering Move to Dayton

The Grand Lodge of Ohio F&AM is considering moving its offices and museum out of the 190-year old complex it shares with New England Lodge #4 in Worthington, Ohio. New England #4 has the oldest Masonic temple west of the Appalachian Mountains. Apparently, the Grand Lodge is now contemplating a move to the Dayton Masonic Center.

Grand Lodge moved to the Worthington location in 1953 from Cincinnati, in an effort to be located closer to the center of the state. Now they are seeking ways to cut costs. According to an article in the Columbus Dispatch, Grand Secretary Michael Watson says moving to the Dayton Masonic Center would cut annual operating and maintenance costs by $100,000. A 12-member advisory committee met Saturday to discuss the move in order to make a recommendation at the annual communication in October.

If they move, ownership of the Worthington site will fall to New England Lodge #4, which will then become responsible for the maintenance of the property. The Grand Secretary is not in favor of the move, and Worthington City Council president, Bro. Lou Goorey isn't happy about it either.

The Dayton Masonic Center (right) is home to six blue lodges, three RA Chapters, two Cryptic Councils, two Commanderies, a Scottish Rite Valley, and more. Moving there would place Grand Lodge in the far western part of the state.

The Grand Lodge of Ohio F&AM has 108,000 members 513 lodges statewide. The 2010 annual communication will be Friday, October 15 and Saturday, October 16 at the Dayton Masonic Center.


  1. I hope the move won't end up sacrificing the oldest lodge in OH.

  2. GM Terry Posey - from Dayton - is behind this move. He wants to make the suggestion during his remarks at the Annual Communication. When the brethren vote to approve his remarks, they will also be voting to move the Grand Lodge office. I heard that a few other locations were offering space. We will see if they are even considered.

  3. I have visited neither the Worthington location, nor the Dayton center. But it occurs to me that, if Worthington is perfect in all other ways but maintenance costs, raise the per capita by $1 and the problem is solved. Make it $2 for a rainy day fund.

    Oh wait, I can hear the screams of "Fixed income!" already welling up in the throats of brethren all over the state. Sorry, where was my head at...

  4. Raise per capita?
    How can they when dues average are around $50.00 a year?
    Members cannot afford more than $50.00 a year.....

    Jut trim the fat off the GL Bone!


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