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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dan Brown's Freemason Novel Sets Paperback Record in UK

According to TheBookseller.com, last week's release of the UK paperback edition of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol sold a massive 118,230 copies in just three days—the biggest ever first-week sale of any paperback novel. That works out to 27 copies per minute.

The hardback edition sold 550,946 copies in three days in the UK upon release in September last year, smashing the all-time sales record for a hardback novel. It has since gone on to sell 1,370,000 copies in the UK.

Just in case there was any doubt left in anyone's mind that there's little interest in Freemasonry. If you haven't read it, the novel is a 509 page love letter to the fraternity.

Anchor Books will not release the U.S. paperback edition until October 19th, with an initial 4 million copies, priced at $9.99. On November 2nd, Doubleday will publish The Lost Symbol Special Illustrated Edition as a $35 hardcover.

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  1. It's not too surprising that it has sold well in the UK, no? Isn't Freemasonry more controversial in the UK then the USA?

    Thus interest to read it by all sides: pro or con.


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