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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Harmonia: Mozart and Haydn's Music For Freemasons

Supposed portrait of Mozart & Hadyn in Mozarteum, Salzburg.

Harmonia is a one-hour radio program, podcast and blog that takes listeners back in history to the cathedrals, fairs, and stages of the past, teaching listeners about history as documented by musicians of the periods. It is a production of WFIU Public Radio in Bloomington, Indiana, with resources from the Indiana University School of Music’s Early Music Institute, and I.U.'s Thomas Binkley Archive of Early Music Recordings.

The October 12, 2009 episode featured "Music for the Freemasons: Haydn and Mozart" (with a new release of Bach's viola sonatas thrown in).

The playlist can be seen here.

Listen to the show in RealAudio here.

I have a personal fondness for I.U. It was the first of my '5 colleges in 7 years program...'

Thanks to WBro. Mark Haworth, PM of Broad Ripple No. 643, for the heads up.


  1. How interesting! Thanks for posting this, and more thanks to your friend Mark as well. As a Music Educator, this was definitely of interest to me, and enjoyable. :)

    It also makes me wonder what it would have been like to have been a part of the craft back then.

  2. What are the odds, after posting this, that I pulled out of the lodge parking lot last night after our monthly stated meeting, and this episode was just starting on NPR?


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