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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10th California Masonic Symposium June 5, 2010

The 10th Annual California Masonic Symposium is fast approaching on June 5, 2010!

The California Masonic Symposium encourages scholasticism in Freemasonry by providing a platform for the foremost historians and scholars who recognize the distinct impact the Craft has had upon societies internationally, particularly the Americas.

This year's symposium will present a portrait of Masonry around the time of the American Revolution - including how Masonry influenced American military leaders, why it was criticized by Thomas Jefferson, and how the fraternal experience changed after the war. Presenters will address questions such as:

• How did military lodges unite America's elites?
Henry Wilson Coil Lecturer Dr. Steven C. Bullock, professor of United States history at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and author of "Revolutionary Brotherhood: Freemasonry and the Transformation of the American Social Order, 1730- 1840"

• Why did Jefferson argue that Masonry was incompatible with a healthy democracy?
Matthew Crow, graduate student in American history at the University of California, Los Angeles and codeveloper of UCLA course "Freemasonry, Civil Society, and American Democracy"

• How did England's loss in the American Revolution change the Masonic experience abroad?
Dr. Jessica L. Harland-Jacobs, associate professor at the University of Florida and author of "How did military lodges change after the American Revolution?"

• The Symposium will conclude with a panel discussion on Masonry, military, and the emergence of American democracy.

Panel discussion to follow.

Date: June 5, 2010, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Location: San Francisco Scottish Rite Center
2850 19th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94132-1602

Symposium Fee: Registration is free.

Complimentary parking is available in the Center’s garage. Event open to the public. Meals are not included. Optional Lunch will be available for $15 per person with advanced purchase.

Please register at http://www.freemason.org/document/10th%20Annual%20Symposium.pdf?documentId=1985

For questions, please contact Kim Hegg, Program Coordinator, at 415-292-9111 or khegg@freemason.org


  1. Those are some of the most interesting topics I've ever heard of regarding American-Masonic history. Wish I could be there!

  2. All that discussion over ancient history, and *still* nothing on zombies?

    You know, I can remove the hoodwink, but you still have to open your eyes to see the light...


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