Sunday, November 02, 2008

Looking for a Lodge Goat?

The winner of the Most Beautiful Goat title, during the Mazayen al-Maaz goat beauty pageant competition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


grailquest said...

Actually, I went to the rugby cup final in cardiff, Wales years back. They brought in the royal regimental goat, Taffy, as a special gesture.

Jesse said...

Oh come on Chris. This post is just inappropriate for more than one reason. You can do better.

Best fraternal regards


Gingerman said...

Goats are terrific animals. Too smart for most folks to handle; very willful; and can be destructive. They're a lot like playful kittens, who'll eat your car given a chance. You can get good milk, great cheese, and really funky meat from them, all from them keeping your grass cut for you. They're now being used for helper animals and pack animals as well. They can carry a lot, and require little in the way of food and water. All in all I vote for 'em.

Chris Hodapp said...

Must it all be so serious?

Jesse said...

Dear Chris

Well, no it mustn't be so serious, admittedly it is a funny post. But when you consider that cowans read this blog too and are only to willing to judge our fraternity harshly maybe yes. Although we find it funny to play on the ridiculous notion that goats somehow figure into masonry this post may do harm to our image, which is important. True we can't pander to people's lowly superstition and paranoia but goat references our in poor taste. More importantly one could accuse you of cultural chauvinism. The post seems to be insinuating "look at these backwards silly Arabs".

I hope I haven't said too much but only since you asked brother.

Best fraternal regards


Justa Mason said...

Well, I can see what Jesse's trying to say .. someone reading this may think we have a goat. Mind you, if they read other blogs they'll think Masons are a bunch of rabid Republicans who sneer at other parties.

I have a problem with people who joke to candidates about goats. But this post seems more satirical than anything.

So here's a disclaimer: for anyone reading, there are no Masonic goats. OK, other than (as I wrote in a paper presented at a meeting one night) the old goats on the sidelines.


binaryburn said...

haha! Yeah we definitley need to add this beauty to our lodge collection!! ;) Thanks for the post very funny!
Lighten up Jesse =)

Chris Hodapp said...

Justa said:
If they read other blogs they'll think Masons are a bunch of rabid Republicans who sneer at other parties.

Nah. That's only me. I spent all Tuesday night sneering.

Tom Accuosti said...

Dude, I keep telling you: Goats are so last century.

At our lodge, we use gerbils.

Chris Hodapp said...

One word.