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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NBC To Air Khoury's 'The Last Templar' 1/25/09

NBC has announced the air date for their miniseries based on Raymond Khoury's novel, "The Last Templar." This marks a major commitment on the part of NBC making a long-form film that will air across two nights. It's been over ten years since they've done one of these. It will air January 25th and 26th at 9PM. The program will also be streamed live on the internet.

According to a release on the SciFi Wire:

Mira Sorvino stars in The Last Templar as Tess Chaykin, a Manhattan archaeologist who is drawn into a fast-paced, romantic adventure concerning the lost secrets of the medieval Knights Templar. The miniseries will also feature Victor Garber as Monsignor De Angelis, who steps in to help with the investigation to retrieve the lost artifact. The four-hour miniseries shot on location in both Montreal and Morocco.

The Last Templar opens with the fall of the Latin Kingdom's reign in the Holy Land in Acre in 1291. As the burning city falls to the Sultan's forces, a lone galley escapes out to sea, carrying a young knight from the historic order of the Knights Templar, Martin of Carmaux, his mentor Aimard of Villiers, and a mysterious chest entrusted to them by the Order's dying Grand Master. But the ship never reaches its destination.

Later, in present-day New York, Chaykin (Sorvino) witnesses four masked horsemen, dressed as Templar Knights, who storm into the Metropolitan Museum, scattering Manhattan society gathered for the gala opening night of an exhibition of Vatican treasures. She watches in silent terror as the leader of the horsemen homes in on one piece in particular--a strange-geared device that he grabs as he disappears into Central Park.

As the horsemen's dead bodies start turning up--and the importance of the stolen device becomes more apparent--Tess and FBI agent Sean Reilly are drawn into the dark, hidden history of the crusading knights and of the last surviving Templars' fateful journey from Acre. The pair is soon propelled into a dangerous adventure that takes them through the cemeteries and sewers of Manhattan, across continents to desolate Turkish highlands, to a violent storm on the Mediterranean that shipwrecks them onto a remote Greek island--and into the very heart of an incredible Vatican secret.

NBC has launched a website for the program.

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