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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Turning 50 in Washington

Saturday I flew out of the brand spankin' new Indianapolis airport terminal (very Charles de Gaully) to Washington DC for several days' shooting for a History Channel program to air next spring. The Los Angeles production company and the Washington DC based camera and sound guys have been terrific and helped to make an ambitious schedule around the city go quite smoothly. But, GAD! After 25 years of shooting film and video, I've become the very creature I hated most: on-camera talent...

I'll post more on the details of the program as we get closer to air date. It was great to come strolling in to the House of the Temple and the George Washington Masonic National Memorial and surprise W:.B:. Brent Morris and W:.B:. Mark Tabbert (not just that I was in town for the interviews, but that between shots I was falling back into my old life schlepping camera and lighting gear).

My gig is now officially over, but I'm in town until Thursday morning, and I'll get to meet up with Robert Hieronimus and Steven Bullock tomorrow. Then I'm off to the Lodge of the Nine Muses tomorrow evening with Mark.

Drove back into town tonight just to have my traditional comfort dinner at Old Ebbitt Grill of chili and a filet and as much Yuengling beer as I could comfortably hold. I met up with my favorite bartender, an Ebbitt's fixture for 14 years, Brian Kelley, who happens to be from Kilwinning, Scotland. When he discovered I knew trivia about Kilwinning Lodge No. 0, and that I might be heading to Scotland in May, he provided me with his personal list of pubs and publicans if I pass through his old homestead.

Many, many thanks to Rob Lihani, Charlie Cook and Susan Michaels of Digital Ranch for inviting me to appear in the show, and to Paul, Mark and Tom from DC for their hard work. My 50th birthday passed without unseemly hullabaloo on Monday while I was here, and I was suitably serenaded and birthday-caked at Gadsby's Tavern in Alexandria. As birthdays go, not a bad way to spend it, and even better to be able to celebrate it with brand new friends. If only these guys hadn't all voted for Obama...


  1. Oh, Yuengling, the exlir of God. (You know that He created it on the 8th day). Unfortunately, in Iowa, we can't get it.

    I'm glad that your trip was good, and I can't wait to see the finished product in the spring. Please keep us posted as to when it's to be released.

  2. My 50th birthday passed without unseemly hullabaloo

    Heh heh - When I turned 50 this year, I specifically passed on the hullabaloo.

    I'm waiting until I turn 53.

  3. Happy Birthday Brother Chris! Many happy returns.

  4. Happy belated 50th birthday brother Hodapp! Love your work.



    Victoria Lodge #474 A.F.&A.M of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

  5. Happy Half a Century!

    When you say it like that, 50 seems like forever. I turned 56 on Nov. 8.

    When my mother turned 50, I sent her a card that said "Happy Half a Century" and she was kind of put out.

  6. Happy Birthday!

    Did you take your AARP card for the senior discounts?

  7. Well, as you know, we were in Merrillville.

    I assure you that Sally and I would have preferred to be at Capri.


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