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Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Orleans Scottish Rite College YouTube

From my friend Michael Poll, owner of Cornerstone Book Publishing in Louisiana comes this message and informative video:

Well, the first video of the New Orleans Scottish Rite College YouTube channel (an introduction to the series) is live. When anyone talks of "low budget" THIS is a classic example of low budget. It was shot with an inexpensive camera in a corner of my living room. The audio and lighting is ... well, poor and the whole production is less than stellar. But you know what? It is a step. The goal is to try and lift up both Masonry and the Scottish Rite with some videos that may prove a bit helpful.As mentioned, this is only an introduction to the series. All can rest assured that nothing in any video will be of a nature that should be reserved for a tiled lodge. You participation, support, comments, suggestions, ideas, etc., etc. are not only welcomed, but sincerely sought.For the last 35 years I have tried to learn and then share what I have learned. It is the only way that I have to try and pay back the great honor and privilege I have received by being allowed to be a part of this great fraternity. If you like this modest start, please spread the word. I could use your help. Many thanks.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPPDPWpVkVc


  1. Brother Poll, as a Masonic Mentor, you provide a nice easy going relaxed atmosphere for your Masonic students and you have our thanks.

    Possible topics might focus on the following:

    1. The early French Masonic influence on Craft Freemasonry in the state of Louisiana.

    2. Craft Lodges in Louisiana which practice the Scottish Rite Craft degrees.

    3. The different obligatory Scottish Rite degrees which differ from one Masonic jurisdiction to another in the United States.

    4. What form or variation of the Scottish Rite is used by Co-Masonry or other similar Masonic organizations?

    5. What is the difference between the Scottish Rite of the Northern and Southern jurisdictions? (see Heredom, volume 17, 2009.)

    6. What is the major or minor differences between the Prince Hall Scottish Rite and Mainstream?

    7. Why, what, and how is the Scottish Rite practiced differently in the United States, than it is in Great Britain and it's territories overseas?

    8. what U.S. Scottish Rite degrees are comparable to the degrees of the Swedish Rite and make visiting beyond the Craft (St. John's Masonry) in Sweden possible?

    9. What is the difference between the York Rite and the Scottish Rite and is it necessary or even wise for a Brother to join both?

    10. Finally, who are (or were)the notable Scottish Rite Freemasons in the state of Louisiana who have made major contributions to American society and the Craft in general.

    Bro. Poll, I hope some of these suggestions may help your continued endeavors. Sincerely, Tom.

  2. I enjoy these videos thoroughly.


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