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Monday, January 12, 2015

Fraudulent Masonic Museum in Spain

I received this today from Brother Bob Cooper by way of Brother Brent Morris. Be vigilant!

Dear Sir and Brother, I am aware that Lodge Celtic, No.291, was recently approached by an individual purporting to be a Freemason and Curator of a Masonic Museum in Madrid, Spain. The Grand Lodge of Scotland has confirmed with the Grand Lodge of Spain that the individual concerned, and his alleged Masonic Museum, has no connection whatsoever with the Grand Lodge of Spain. The Grand Lodge of Scotland has posted a News Item on this matter on the Grand Lodge web site. The link to that page ishttp://www.grandlodgescotland.com/news/576-unsolicited-contact-with-scottish-lodges  
I attach the text of the item below for those who might not have access to the internet. I would be grateful if you could alert your Masonic contacts to this apparent scam in order that they do not part with any valuable items. I know that recently a 14ct gold Scottish Past Master’s jewel has been sent to this ‘Museum’ and is probably now irrecoverable. 

Many thanks.  
Robert L D Cooper, Curator

Unsolicited contact with Scottish Lodges
Grand Secretary, David M. Begg, has been made aware that Scottish Lodges are being contacted by individuals.
This is against International Masonic protocols which are  designed to protect Scottish Lodges and Scottish Freemasons from falling victim to unscrupulous. mailings. Recent examples have been arriving by email  from individuals claiming to be the Curator of a Masonic Museum in Madrid, Spain. One surname that is used is Moreno. The Grand Lodge of Spain has confirmed to Grand Lodge that these individuals have no connection with the Grand Lodge of Spain, and they have no information regarding any Masonic Museums in Spain.
All Lodges are reminded that all communication between Lodges under different Grand Lodges should, initially, be made via the office of Grand Secretary.

In the event of receipt of a request for Masonic items (purportedly for a Masonic Museum) or indeed any other enquiry (for instance requests to attend a meeting of the Lodge, asking for charitable donations or requests for assistance in finding work) should be referred to Grand Secretary in order that advice can be given.

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