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Friday, January 09, 2015

Masons Killed in Charlie Hebdo Attack

I received this note today from a Grand Orient Mason in France:

Hi Chris,

Two of the journalists assassinated in the cowardly and barbarous attack on Charlie Hebdo were Freemasons. Bro Bernard Maris, economic columnist at CH, and Bro Michel Renaud, formerly  of Europe 1 and Le Figaro, were both active Freemasons in the Grand Orient, Bernard in Roger Leray Lodge in Paris and Michel in Lux Perpetue Lodge in Clermont Ferrand.

They died representing the values we stand for :

- Freedom of expression,
- Freedom of conscience
- FREEDOM in general

There is no real equivalent in English language Freemasonry but in French we say "Gémissons, gémissons, gémissons, mais espérons". Which translated roughly means "Cry with anguish, cry with anguish, cry with anguish, but let us hope."

I trust you will find a space in your blog to make a worthy tribute to our departed Brethren.

S & F,



  1. So mote it be. Well do my Brother well done. Br E.Lauritsen Felicity lodge AM&FM #19

  2. Well done my well and trusted servant well done. Bro E.Lauritsen Felcity Lodge AM& FM # 19

  3. Rest in peace Brethren.

    Bro. Dom Baldwin St Lawrence-Zetland #14 GRQ

  4. "Well done, good and faithful servants, enter thou into the joy of they Lord." and Rest In Peace Brethren. So Mote It Be.

    WB John F. Chiocchi
    Liberty Lodge #300 A.F.&A.M. of Nebraska.

  5. Condolence to the families of our departed brothers.May their souls find eternal rest.

    Ed C.Olifernes Makiling Lodge No. 72, Grand Lodge of the Philippines

  6. Sad day in so may ways May God give your family to carry on. Kingsland Lodge 1693 London

  7. May the GAOTU bring you eternal peace rest in Peace my Brothers.
    S & F

    Martin Kadir

  8. Rest in peace to our worthy brothers.

    Ricardo Faustino of Kagitingan Lodge No.286
    Grand Lodge of the Philippines

  9. R.I.P brethren.from rialto Inland Empire#306

  10. Rest in Peace my brothers
    Your work is done. the Golden bowl has been broken

    Tim Veneck, P.M.

  11. Rest peacefully Dear Brothers. The time has come for your labor to cease - and with our love, may your families find some small measure of peace. OES Kanawha Ch. #38

  12. Well done, good and faithful servants, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." and Rest In Peace Brethren.
    Bro. Placido Manalastas
    PML # 48, Pampanga PH

  13. RIP brothers,Our thoughts are with your families. Of Lodge Alpha no 89 on the roll of Grand Lodge of South Africa .

  14. ... and the dust return to the ground from whence it came... and the spirit return to God Who gave it..... farewell, my brothers, till we meet again... au revoir!

    tonzdeasis, dr.jose p rizal (calamba) masonic lodge 270, mwglPhilippines

  15. SMIB. Rest in peace my fallen brethren.

    Bro. Shaughan T. Avni
    Bilu lodge # 33, Rehovot, Israel

  16. RIP my French Brethren,
    Michel Vigeant
    Gore Bay Lodge, #472
    GL of Canada,
    Province of Ontario

  17. May you Rest In Eternal Peace, My Brothers.
    Montgomery Lodge #13
    Lakeville, Connecticut.

  18. So sorry to hear this. RIP Brothers.
    Blue Steel Lodge 791, Amherst Ohio

  19. Farewell my Brothers. May you meet your God and may He approve of you!
    Douglas P. Kleckner,PM
    Western Star Lodge No. 304
    Albion,Pa. USA
    GL of Pa

  20. We will uphold what you stood for for every my Brothers.

    Paul Copper
    Lodge Belmont Albion # 45 NZC

  21. Sentimentos, força e saúde a todos os familiares.
    Nelson Moreira .:
    GL Isabel Domingues n. 109
    Brasil - RJ

  22. Rest in peace brothers you may now ascend to the grand lodge above were the great architect of the universe lives and reign forever and ever so mote it be
    Bro.Dexter Manangan
    A.F.A.M acacia lodge 430 in the province of Ontario ,Canada

  23. Em nome da AUGUSTA E RESPEITAVEL LOJA MAÇÔNICA ISABEL DOMINGUES N. 109, Brasil - RJ, presto minhas condolências aos familiares e que o G.: A.: D.: U.: vos ilumine com saúde, paz e sabedoria para conduzir a vida com a ausência dos nossos irmãos.
    T.: F.: A.:
    Nelson Moreira .:

  24. the role of the workmen has been called and 2 master masons are missing until we meet on the level again my brothers
    Montgomery lodge
    Milford ma

  25. Sad & doleful tidings indeed the sympathies of Toryglen 1561 in the Grand Lodge of Scotland go out to the families
    R.W.M. Ronald J Lewis
    Toryglen 1561

  26. Rest In Peace my Brothers.

    Robert Saluta
    Pasig City Lodge 409
    Grand Lodge of the Philippines

  27. Rest In Peace ..Brothers! On Romanian the words are.."Jelim,jelim,jelim,jelim dar speram!"
    Broth.Horia Simu, Octavian Goga 149 Lodge, Orient of Cluj Napoca, Grand National Lodge of Romania .

  28. A poem came to my mind, written by Rev. Br. Williamson:

    All at once a silence fell,
    mallet,chisel ceased works knell;
    a Brothers name had thrice been called
    his Masonic mark revered by all,
    no voice responded to the call.

    And the silence spoke its respect

    With hand on heart each Mason stood,
    the Master knocked his gratitude;
    then came a Brother with apron, trowel
    working tools of many an hour;
    and the sweet adorning of Acacias flower.

    and the silence spoke its respect

    The Lodge of Tribute seconds took
    but spoke for time,loves brotherhood;
    on the level plumb and square
    an aged Master heard echoes air,
    of a brothers voice not here,
    but in the temple of Gods care

    and the silence spoke its respect
    SMIB Brethren
    (written by the REV HL Williamson

  29. Brethren, sorry for not being able to use my virtual working tools correctly. The post above was from me, Rolf Keil, PM, Lodge Lessing 769 Frankfurt/ Germany. It was written by Rev. Brother Williamson, from Edinburgh, Scotland. Frats Rolf

  30. In their memory !
    Carlo Luigi Ciapetti
    Altius Lodge 1261 di Firenze del Grande Oriente d'Italia

  31. R. I. P.

    Bro J. Arancibia
    Lodge Orestes Frodden L. N°146, Chile.

  32. Sloboda čovjeka je sveta i dragocjena stvar koja se ne može ničim porediti niti zamjeniti ali kad sloboda jedne zajednice ljudi počne ugrožavati ili umanjivati ili vrjeđati slobodu druge grupe ljudi onda to više nije ničija sloboda.

  33. My sympathies to their families and to all the Brethren on the loss of these Brothers: Je Suis Charlie!

  34. My sympathies to their families and to the Brfethren. Je Suis Charlie!
    JH Laprime

  35. My Brothers, go now to the SAOTU. So mote it be.
    David Anderson
    Herman #108 Freeport FL. USA

  36. May The great Architect of the Universe Receive your souls Brethren

  37. My Brethren, its almost a year later and we the members of Lodge Koh-I-Noor No. 79 Grand Lodge of South Africa will not forget you and so many citizens and Brethren who have been murdered since the diabolical attack on Charlie Hebdo.
    W.B. Kevin Smith


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