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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Grand Encampment 2012 Triennial

Congratulations to Sir Knight David D. Goodwin, Most Eminent Grand Master of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States on his installation this past week at the Triennial in Alexandria, Virginia.

David Dixon Goodwin was born on August 15, 1949, in Johnson City, New York and graduated from Union University, Albany (NY) College of Pharmacy in 1972 with a B.S. in Pharmacy. He married Marci Lynn Sternberg on July 15, 1979. They have two daughters, Jennifer and Samantha.

Brother Goodwin was raised a Master Mason in Binghamton Lodge #177, F&AM, Binghamton, NY, in September of 1977. He served through the line and was elected Master in 1982. He served as a director and president of the Masonic Youth Foundation of New York. He was commissioned as the Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Austria near the Grand Lodge of New York in September of 2000.

I really wanted to be there this year, but it wasn't in the budget for me this time.

The Grand Priory of the Reformed and Rectified Rite of the United States of America (CBCS), a body of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the USA, initiated 27 new members as Perfect Masters of St. Andrews, while visiting dignitaries Christian Bindewald and Pierre Noel of Belgium, and Bill Koon and Piers Vaughan looked on. Following the conferral, David Goodwin was installed as National Grand Master.

One of the first items of business was a resolution declaring those who take membership in un-recognized orders after the date of adoption, upon their membership being known would be issued a letter giving them 30 days to submit a letter of withdrawal from the Order, or they would be issued a permanent demit from Templary under the Grand Encampment. It passed with only two negative votes out of 364. A second resolution adopted the Grand Priory as an official appendant order of the Grand Encampment. It passed with only 10-12 negative votes. Pierre Noel in his remarks pointed out that he was here to honor the good relationship his Priory had with the GEKT.

On Tuesday evening, Christian, Pierre, and John Palmer (Editor of the Knights Templar Magazine) were presented with the Knights Grand Cross, and it was announced that Michael Buckley would receive it in England.

Sir Knight Michael Johnson, the Department Commander for the Northwest, was elected Grand Captain General.

Huzzahs to David and his entire line of officers, as well as to Sir Knight William H. Koon for his extended term as Grand Master. I personally want to thank Billy for the kindness he has shown me over the last year and a half while I wrestled with my own personal health challenges. He has much from his term to be proud of.

I look forward to great things happening under Sir Knight David's leadership and his officers.
Note: I don't know the results of the drill team competition. If anyone wants to forward them to me at hodapp@aol.com I will be happy to update this entry with them.


  1. The Most Rev. Knight +Michael Norman Buckley is the Grand Prior of Waite's Grand Priory of CBCS in the United Kingdom, and he is the former Grand Rep to the USA and founding Dean of the Yves Prefecture under the Great Priory of Belgium CBCS under the Most Rev. Kt Pierre Noel.

  2. Does this mean that there has been no change between the GPUSA and the GPA? Also, does this mean more prefectures are recognizing GPUSA as the legitimate RER body in the United States?



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