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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Unrecognized Grand Master Killed in Detroit

The Grand Master of the irregular Universal Grand Lodge of Ancient York Masons was shot and killed Saturday outside of the McKibbon Masonic Lodge in northwest Detroit. According to Fox News, Grand Master Jerry Sears, 56, was gunned down on the sidewalk of the lodge as preparations were underway for their national grand lodge meeting. Police are searching for the gunman.

According to the Phylaxis Society, they are also known as Mt. Olive Grand Lodge Ancient York Masons.

Regardless of affiliation, it is a terrible tragedy. RIP.


  1. It seems in poor taste to use terms such as "clandestine" at a time like this.

  2. EC: I did it so there would be no confusion that this was a Prince Hall lodge.

  3. I understand the situation and context, and did not mean to accuse you personally of poor taste. I am sorry if it seemed I did.

    It seems a pity that the only way that such an explanation can be given requires the use of clearly pejorative terms. Anyway, I don't wish to muddy the sadness of the occasion with a political discussion.

  4. We in Detroit are saddened by this senseless act. Two of my brothers belonged to DeMolay in that temple back in the 70's and I have been there many times. I wish his group well in their meetings this week and in morning their leader. May God be with them.

  5. I have to agree with Mr. Ballard. While I do not wish to "muddy" the situation either, I cannot avoid noting the fact that use of the term "clandestine" is completely inappropriate and also out of context. Clandestine means operating in secret. This group was not operating in secret as their building was in plain view of the public. There are other terms that could have been used -- maybe non-PHA.

  6. "Unrecognized" might be a more appropriate term to use. I've also seen "non-mainstream", although either term would require an explanation for laypeople.

  7. I see absolutely nothing wrong with the notation that the organization of which the man was a member of as being "clandestine". I completely understood that Bro. Chris was showing the distinction between this man's organization and that of a Prince Hall Mason, of which most of us who are considered as "mainstream" are in amity with.

    The alternative of not mentioning his association with a fraternal body that is widely considered as "clandestine", would be a hundred post asking about this organization he was a member of, what organizations recognize them, when did they come to be, etc, etc, etc.

    To state up front that this man was a prominent member of an organization that is similar to we that are widely recognized is simply stating a fact for the purpose of information, and doesn't make this man any deader, nor this terrible tragedy any worse.

  8. The M.W. Grand Master, Derrick Paige has said that the M.W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Michigan supports the candlelight vigil taking place tomorrow for the slain Universal Grand Lodge leader, Jerry Sears. His members are encouraged to come and show your support and condolences.

  9. This sprig of acacia once marked the final resting place of our illustrious dead!....... It shouldn't matter anymore, but it does. Regardless of what jurisdiction, we all practice charity and brotherly love. With the violence that has transpired lately, regardless we need to go back into our communities and try to save someone.

    GIG Warren Grant 33* (PHA)

  10. I am part of the Universal Grand Lodge of York Rite Masons and we are not irregular, clandestine, because our history goes back to 1847, but it was wrong to not honor this Grand Master by calling him a irregular Grand Master, all that needed to be said was that this was a sad event that happen to one of our fallen brothers and lets pray for a end to all this violence in our strrets.
    Hon. Eddie Cole Jr 33
    King Solomon Universal Grand Lodge
    Ancient York Rite Masons
    State of Indiana

  11. Wow.....first I give honor to MY Grandmaster , and say that u would pick his death to throw in a word that does not fit Mount Olive Grand Lodge. We are not in hiding from anyone , you can Google the address and come see us , and we welcome all brothers like every man made a mason is supposed to do, further we all took the same obligation, heard the same lectures, and read from the same book. Is your grip,word or token different, were u raised on the FPOF ...
    He was a great man and my brother in my lodge as well as my Grandmaster , a great teacher, a better man. He say she say is for kids, but it seems to be a lot of that on this site, people are afraid of what they have no knowledge of , and would rather put you down , as to finding out the truth
    This is what keeps brothers from being brothers
    I recognize all masons , no matter what group or body u come from we are all mason...please tell me what makes u different from me as a mason and a man.
    Bro. W.Seals
    Keystone 2
    Mount Olive Grand Lodge
    Detroit, MI

  12. My name is Andre storey and I am the newly elected University Grand Master of York right masonry and I am sad that anyone will write such derogatory words towards a fallen brother you should be a ashamed of yourself for making that statement I was on the phone talking with him when phone went dead, you didn't know Grand Master Sears.


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