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Saturday, August 18, 2012

GLNF: Stifani Won't Seek Second Term

In a July 20th blog entry, L'Express reporter Francois Koch reported that François Stifani, Grand Master of the Grande Loge Nationale Française, will not be seeking a second term as Grand Master. The embattled Stifani has been at the center of a turmoil over the last two years that has resulted in thousands of members demitting or being suspended, along with his own actions that have caused most of the recognized Masonic world to yank recognition of the GLNF.

A rough translation of Koch's article, courtesy Google:

It's official, speaking through Jean-Michel Grand Orator Baloup, the Grand Master of the French National Grand Lodge (GLNF) Francois Stifani decided not to seek a second term. The dignitary, the center of an unprecedented crisis for thirty-one months, made ​​the pledge after a meeting of Provincial Grand Masters and members of the Grand Council, which started this morning in Nice. The appointment of the new candidate of Grand Master will be made ​​at a meeting of the Sovereign Grand Committee (SGC) by Francois Stifani convened from 31 August 2012.  Why that date? "We wanted the CMS to meet before September, says Baloup. We hope indeed that UGLE [United Grand Lodge of England] would reconsider its proposed withdrawal of recognition of the GLNF. "Francois Stifani has been affected by the announcement of withdrawal of recognition of UGLE for September 12, 2012.  Why did Francois Stifani make this decision not to run? "He did not want to be accused of harming the GLNF while there is a fierce defender, says Jean-Michel Baloup. He therefore sacrifices his personal interest to the public interest, emphasizing that it has not failed in its task. "Francois Stifani reacts positively to the argument developed by Mr Monique Legrand, administrator temporary that it must draw the consequences of refusal to ratify two of the GLNF AG. The argument was first developed by opponents, but he had not heard.  Does Francois Stifani support a candidate?"According to tradition, he will present a successor in the person of Deputy Grand Master he will appoint very soon", says Baloup.Alain Cano, the last incumbent, who resigned July 7.  To Jean-Pierre and Jean Murat Servel, Jean-Michel Baloup announced, not without a touch of humor: "I will write to them telling them that, given the decision of Grand Master Francis Stifani, it would make sense that they does not represent either. Exits to turn the page, let it be done completely. This will prevent them from suffering another setback. "  It is indeed a page should look. But the crisis is it finished so far? Because evidence is to be obvious:CMS responsible for appointing the Grand Master candidate is not representative of the obedience. So will he choose this time a candidate likely to be ratified by the GA of Vénès 1st and supervisors?  Following the decision of François Stifani, the provisional administrator Monique Legrand issued a statement  In my capacity as director pro tem of the French National Grand Lodge, I have read the decisions taken by Sir Francis Stifani, following the meeting of Provincial Grand Masters of the GLNF, held TODAY 'Today, in Nice, at its option, under the "crisis". Mr. Stifani inter alia, decided that he would not run for election of the Sovereign Grand Committee, under the designation of a new candidate to the Grand Master.  Noting that decision, moreover, in accordance with the "customary logic", as restated in Note No. 10 entitled "what is the method of appointment of the Grand Master? (...) "It is imperative to respect, to carry out my mission as assigned following order on motion dated June 28, 2012, I will convene after the summer break, members of law General Meeting of the GLNF, otherwise known as the Sovereign Grand Committee, for the appointment of a new candidate for the Grand Master, according to the rules applicable to the process of electing the Grand Master of the GLNF.  Written and signed in Paris on 20 July 2012. By Master Monique LEGRAND, Judicial Administrator  On this reading, we feel that the standoff is not completely finished. Each intends to call the SGC.I Legrand does not specify the date. They will agree in calling the same institution the same day under two different names, one secular the other Masonic? Me and especially Legrand is based on the famous footnote 10 which advocates the appointment of a candidate with an absolute majority. The conflict on this issue between the two parties would be pending before the Court of Cassation. 

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