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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Stylin'

Just in time for our world takeover fund raisers, BustedTees is offering up this great tee shirt: 234th Annual Illuminati BBQ Picnic and Volleyball Tournament. A mere $20.

H/T to Brother Steve Settles.


  1. Wor. Brother Chris:
    I am pretty sure this is a hoax of some kind... Volleyball is only about 120 years old, so they couldn't possibly had a tournament 234 years ago! ( ;) )

  2. Well, it was a slightly different precursor. Weishaupt recommended playing a version of it with the heads of Jesuits.

  3. Besides... its using the Illuminati Dating System... :)

  4. ...based on 29 Dimensions of Compatibility?

  5. Nothing says World Takeover more than Volleyball and good ole BBQ



  6. To paraphrase a wise man, yes, Weishaupt gave us the magnificent prowess to choose ham sandwiches over tuna sandwiches. Or in the case of our secret auto da fes known as Bar B Ques, to choose a dry rubs over a wet ones!


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