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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norwegian Terror Suspect's Masonic Membership

A photo of alleged Norwegian mass-murderer, Anders Behring Breivik, dressed in Masonic regalia has been widely circulated across the web over the last two days. So, naturally, the usual lineup of anti-Masons, from the Daily Mail to David Icke and Alex Jones, are having a field day naming Breivik as a foot soldier in some worldwide Masonic revolution.

Grand Master Ivar A. Skaar of the Grand Lodge of Norway has posted the following message on the GL website today:

"I am appalled by the terrible crime has been committed in the government quarter and the Utøya," says the Norwegian-order Masonic Grand Master, Ivar A. Skar.

We [express] sorrow and compassion for those who have been affected and their relatives.

It has emerged in the media that the accused has been a member of the Norwegian Order of Freemasons. He is now excluded with immediate effect.

Exclusion is an expression of the acts he is accused of having carried out and the values ​​that appear to have motivated them is completely incompatible with what we stand for that order.

We build our business on Christian and humanist values ​​and want our members to contribute to the promotion of charity, peace and goodness in people.

The police will of course get all the help and information we can help with."

One source says Breivik's membership was in St. Olaus T.D. Tre Søiler No. 8 (the lodge of St. Olaf at the Three Columns) in Oslo. The Grand Lodge of Norway has approximately 20,000 members. It follows the Swedish Rite, which requires its members to declare a belief in Christianity.

From "Frimurerordenen: - Terrorsiktet hadde minimal kontakt med oss
" ("Masonic Order: - Terror accused had minimal contact with us"
) by Eva-Therese Grøttum:

The Associated Press in Norway wrote yesterday that the 32-year-old is a registered member of the Norwegian Masonic Order. The Norwegian Masonic order denies that accused terrorist Anders Behring Breivik (32) has had a membership of importance with in the order. He is now excluded, effective immediately.

[NOTE: I presume the actual Norwegian term "Eksklusjonen "is closer to our word "expelled." If you are stronger in the language than I am, please let me know — my Norwegian consists solely of the ability to say "fjord."]

"As far as we understand he has had minimal contact with the lodge," says Grand Master Ivar A. Skaar to VGNett (news service).

The [Grand Master's edict] states that he is excluded from the order effective immediately.

"Exclusion is an expression of the acts he is accused of having carried out and the values ​​that appear to have motivated them is completely incompatible with what we stand for [in Masonry], according to a press release.

It was Friday that 32-year-old Andres Behring Breivik was arrested and later charged with the heinous terrorist attacks that have shaken the whole world. At least 85 young people are now confirmed dead after he systematically shot and killed everyone he passed at the Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya. [NOTE: That death toll is up to 93 as of Sunday morning, with another 90 wounded.]

Breivik is also accused of bombing a government building in which at least seven people were killed and nine seriously injured.

Background: Arrested 32-year-old calling himself nationalist
Beyond confirming that there has been a relationship between the Masonic Order and Breivik, GM Skaar does not wish to comment further on the matter at this time. He will not say when the contact occurred, or how active the terrorist accused was in the lodge.

Minimal Contact
Masonic Lodge says they have had minimal contact with Anders Behring Breivik.
"We have discussed the matter on the phone today, he says, referring to the lodge in the press release on the matter.

Meanwhile, CNN is reporting on Breivik's alleged 1,500 page manifesto, in which he describes himself as "Justiciar Knight Commander for Knights Templar Europe and one of several leaders of the National and pan-European Patriotic Resistance Movement." In it, he calls for a European civil war over the next 70 years, the deportation of Muslims from Europe, and the execution of "cultural Marxists."

According to an AP article on the St. Louis Today website, "Lawyer: Norway suspect wanted anti-Muslim crusade":

In the manifesto, Breivik referred to the Knights Templar group. European security officials said Sunday they were aware of increased Internet chatter from individuals claiming they belonged to the group, but were still investigating claims that Breivik, and other far-right individuals, attended a London meeting of its members in 2002.


A 12-minute video clip posted on YouTube with the same title as the manifesto featured symbolic imagery of the Knights Templar and crusader kings as well as slides suggesting Europe is being overrun by Muslims. Police could not confirm that Breivik had posted the video, which also featured photographs of him dressed in a formal military uniform and in a wet suit pointing an assault rifle.


  1. Whilst I am appalled by this tragedy, I saw the pic of his so-called Templar uniform and ROTFLMAO. It consisted of a USMC Dress Blue tunic w/o epaulets, English Knight of Malta, Knight Templar, and Red cross of Constantine breast jewels, American Knight Templar Grand Commandery shoulder boards and sleeve crosses (on his collar no less), and US military ribbons of sufficient quantity to make Audie Murphy turn in his grave! All of which are easily found on eBay for the right price!
    Had this person not committed the acts alleged and apparently admitted to, I would have chalked it up to "Title Seeker Gone Wild."

    Then I saw his wearing some sort of apron sporting the Master's Square. Were he a Master he truly violated the tenets of the Craft. I hope he enjoys his Expulsion.

  2. Actually it does seem that the III degree of the Nordsk order has a square on the flap of the apron


  3. And I did watch (or attempt to watch) the video and he really doesn't make sense. Sounds like all the other knuckleheads with their twisted beliefs.

    Frankly, there should be a way during investigation to do away with such extreme thinkers. I don't know how this guy slipped through the pipes. Maybe it has a lot to do with his background. I don't know, he should have never made it through the degrees.

  4. It is a relief to hear that this suspect had 'minimal contact' with the Masonic order. And so too, that the apron (with the square on the bib) he is pictured wearing might be that of a Third Degree Mason (as rendered in Norway), and not that of a Master of the Lodge.

  5. The Norwegian Grand Lodge ought to thoroughly inspect the Masonic record of this individual (degree dates, offices held, etc.) and form a public report or press release to stand against whatever false accusations may be put out in the media.

    Further, an internal Masonic investigation must be conducted to identify the Masons who screened, interviewed, or passed this individual. The Order ought not be shy about bringing Masonic indictment, trial, and expulsion based on findings of a competent and comprehensive investigation.

    The Order must do everything to track down and ferret out whomever else is proven to be a "bad apple" and publicly excommunicate them if any are discovered.

    If slovenliness in recommending new candidates is discovered and not prominently punished the Order will have deeply damaged it claim to being honorable.

  6. I would be interested in signing, endorsing, or subscribing to a petition or other appropriate instrument urging and supporing the Norwegian Masons to mount and follow through on the sort of investigation as I described in my earlier comment.

    Any ideas on how such a thing might be done? Ought individual Masons send emails? launch a petition? urge their home lodge or Grand Lodge to send a communication to Norway?

  7. Chris,

    Thank you for doing your usual thorough research for this post, especially now that you are recovering from your medical procedures. I see this whole terrible thing as related to the very recently released information that this monster was actively trying to lead a double-life, or cover life. It is a measure of the great acceptance and trust that is now placed in Freemasonry that this nut sought out admission to the Craft as a sort of "cover" while he was busying himself privately with concocting his nefarious plans. And especially because this would allow him to have a surface interest in "Templarism" while his twisted notions of the same could be reserved for his hidden manifesto, or some recondite corner of the internet. Of course the whole meaning of Templarism in Freemasonry is exactly the opposite from his crazed hallucinations. So, as I see it, the basic fact is that he was simply a lunatic with a psychotic word-salad of right-wing Catholic, Zionist, and free-floating militaristic other elements. I believe his interest in Freemasonry was precisely and only because he had a sense this would make him seem more balanced and moderate and respectable, that was his "cover". It is a great tragedy that it worked so well.
    I agree that we need more thorough investigations, and the simplest way to handle that is just to spend some time googling on the internet. That is what I have done when I have sat on investigation committees.

  8. It occurs to me that his membership of Freemasonry may have been a deliberate attempt on his part to try and bring dishonour on The Craft. Far-Right extremists invariably express a loathing and distrust of Freemasonry which does not "sit" with the fact that - somehow - he managed to reach the SD of MM. It shows how vital a part our interviews play!

  9. This is one of those times when it is impossible not to discuss politics and the Fraternity in the same breath.

    It is easy to write this guy off as a knucklehead. But Hitler was once just such a knucklehead. In our capacities as private citizens, we should take such people to be serious threats to the public order, and take the initiative to refute such ideas as his vigorously. In our capacity as Freemasons, there has never been a better time to emphasize our tolerance of all faiths, which as an explicit ethic is particularly a part of the Blue Lodge and the Scottish Rite. Masonic Knights Templar should make it a point to indicate that Masonic Templarism is not anti-Islam, but is rather pro-Christian.

    This guy is not going to be the last of his kind. We have an opportunity to stand up, as individuals, and as Masons, against the darkness, and for the Light.

    Great thanks to you, Chris, for posting these details.

  10. Chris thank you for posting this especially as you are so poorly

    When the news aired on friday night the first thing I noticed on this lunatic's photo was the blue sash and my heart sank

    I have gone through numerous Masonic forums and F/b pages today looking for some sort of address and yours is the only one I have found- even UGLE website makes no mention which I am dissapointed in

    Thank you for taking the time to post this and restore my faith in our Orders

    Keep well

    Mandie Dingle

  11. What I find tine resting about the word Eksklusjonen is the fact that it is capitalized and ends in "en". I know some Danish which is similar enough to Norwegian that I can usually read both languages. The "en" suffix is the definite article so this would be "The Exclusion" (as opposed to an exclusion). I can only surmise, as you have, that this means immediate expulsion.

  12. 'Eksklusjon' is definitely expelled.

    His membership is not in doubt, since the Norwegian Order confirmed it.

    His regalia is that of a Worthy Master of St. John, IIIrd degree of the Swedish Rite. The collarette usually has a rosette with a small key as well, but there can be small inconsistances, even though the GLs try to keep things strictly the same.

    Swedish Rite is an order with templar high degrees (yes, that's what we call them), but he never entered them, which IMO underlines the fact that his understanding of templarism was only as something to serve his propaganda.

    In fact, his menifesto only mentions freemasonry a few times (although in positive terms), and one comment even says that the the new templarism (namely his own) should not listen to their criticism, so at some level he knew that he was going against what was taught in lodge.

    OTOH, I think it's fair to say that freemasonry in Scandinavia with its templarism, royal lineages, conservative outlook etc. would have attracted this terrorist, and I don't believe he entered to atively cast blame. But he obviously didn't join to actually learn something.

    FWIW, the major media around here haven't really delved into it, but of course some of the more sensationalist press have mentioned it.

  13. Responding to "munkholt":

    Thank you for your knowledgeable post. You have made some fine points, but I think we have to be ultra-precise because of the very obvious seriousness of this case. I think one possible reading of the presentation you give is that there was something flavor-wise about the "conservative" nature of Norwegian freemasonry that would have attracted this man. But let us be very precise about what that is. It is the simplest deduction that the conservative personality Gestalt is attracted to cultural markers of "respectability" per se. Since as you say, Norwegian Freemasonry has royal lineage, etc., Ockham's Razor tells us that the reasons this horrible man was attracted to the Lodge was simply and only that. I guess the tragic lesson here is that even monsters crave respectability.

    Thus, though I agree with you that he probably had a sense that his hallucinatory ideas would have been greeted with nothing but horror by Masons, I think we should be careful not assume in any way that he had any stable notion of what Freemasonry is. The Craft has within it both strong conservatives and strong liberals. Its very philosophy is what allows co-existence with both types within in one organization, one Brotherhood. To imply that Breivik had ANY sense of the intrinsic nature of this ethos, and was reacting to it in any way, is already to concede some potential rationality to his ideas, at least in opposition. I am not saying you had anything like this in mind, but my point is it remains an excess conceptual implication. In other words, for him to understand the ethos well enough to manipulate it in some way for his own "propaganda" purpose, is already conceding that he had some sense of it. Again, the more likely reality is that the psychotic drive towards grandiosity, to "save" the shattering psyche by identifying with a marker of respectability, which especially in Norway it would be, is all that accounts for his being drawn to it. Being precise about this allows us to stay clear from all the, one assumes, inevitable speculations about what bizarre corner of his "thought" might have had some connection with Freemasonry. Thus, again, the simple answer is nothing, nada, zilch....or however you say zero in Norwegian.

  14. Freemasons,...

    I find your Post and comments immensely interesting and in some cases entertaining.

    My point: I believe that in the first instance the indefatigable difference between Chivalrous Templarism of the ancient, historical and noble Order of Jerusalem and masonic occultist-secular Templarism should have been stated loudly and clearly - your murderous member of Norway, for whatever reason, is being confused with the historical secular-gnostic Templars of The Temple of the City of Jerusalem and not defined as a holder of the utterly integral ceremonial office inherent to Freemasonry. This disambiguation of the usage where it is a masonic ceremonial honorific "Sir Knight" and the genuine Chivalrous Title of the original and historical Order of The Knights Templar, should be made public through the Press - Masonic Templarism is not Chivalrous and therefore a misnomer that is allowed to obtain for what we can only assume is vicarious legitimacy.

    We who are genuine Templars are being tarred with your brush of humiliation. We have been the butt of jokes and hollywierd script-writers ad nauseum: Recently as a direct result of YOUR dubious member of Norway; my Order has been inundated with applications from nutters who are deluded by their presumption that we are a masonic device and the shameless sensationalising puppet MSM.


    Do the right thing and make public the purely ceremonial status of your peculiar manifestation of Templarism. One might print a business card and upon it describe themselves as anything they like - if you wish to continue to borrow the term "Temple Knight" - do so honourably, or simply cease and desist.

    Gentleman, this period of apocalypse is but a phase, the next phase will not be so pacific, surely you are aware that "something wicked this way comes".

    Prae Monitas Prae Munitas.

    Sir Paul Grice HST KtHB KTA
    Commanderie of Oceania
    The Ancient and Noble Order of Knights Templar of Jerusalem.

  15. I would simply suggest to Mr. Grice that his own order should be able to work to publicly distinguish itself from Freemasonry, if that is their desire. Your inability to do so is your order's own failure; your own works should speak for themselves -- we have made no errors requiring correction, and have no obligation to your organization.

    Eric C. Friedman, KT, 32°

  16. Tragic puppets of the b'nai br'th, juveniles in dress-ups, read the words of your masters voice channelled through a your grand poobah:


    On July 14, 1889 Albert Pike issued instructions to the twenty-three Supreme Councils that gave a full exposition of his doctrines and beliefs. Pike stated:

    "That which we must say to the crowd is - We worship a God, but it is the God that one adores without superstition.

    To you Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees - The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine....Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God." (Occult Theocrasy, p.220-221)

    If you cannot control yourself, you will be controlled, my colleagues and I look forward to the coming confrontation between the true light and your fallacious evil!

    Lick spittles of the synagogue of satan, bray now donkeys, your nefarious posturing nonsense is about to have its knickers pulled down!

    Norway will have its vengeance, ta taa pathetic smug cigar puffers!


  17. And thus you expose your own ignorance. Pike wrote no such thing, as about three minutes of research will reveal.

  18. Mssr hodapp,...Cite the information that provides the bona fides for your fallacy statement: To wit, show me the facts that support your allegation!

    You will not be able to, the fact is you are wrong, as most apologists for cults are!

    KT (genuine)

  19. It's not up to me to prove a negative. Show me the book or the published paper by Pike in which he wrote those words. Hint: it can't be done, because it is a hoax. And Internet references don't count. It was written by Leo Taxil in 1889, who admitted it was made up in a published confession.


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