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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Australian Masons: It's No Secret

The Daily Telegraph in Sydney, Australia has a story by Chris Hook today, Inside The Secret World of the Freemasons:

"Using the interest born of Dan Brown's blockbuster novel The Lost Symbol, which focuses on the organisation, Freemasons United Grand Lodge of New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory Grand Master Dr. Greg Levenston decided to reach out.

He has overseen production of a book called "It's No Secret - Real Men Do Wear Aprons," out this week, and invited The Daily Telegraph into the Freemasons' most secret chambers."

Indeed, the Grand Lodge of NSW and ACT has launched an entire website dedicated to the new book, written by author Peter Lazar, as well as answering the most common questions about Masonry and how to seek membership.

Meanwhile, the United Grand Lodge of Victoria was covered on www.theage.com earlier in the week here, along with a video interview of their Grand Master Garry Sebo. They are also promoting the new book.

You can order the book, "It's No Secret - Real Men Wear Aprons," from the Grand Lodge Museum of Freemasonry website at www.itsnosecret.com.au for AU$29 (about US$26.50).

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