Sunday, August 12, 2012

Widow's Son Cigar

The brethren of Esoteric-Sherwood Lodge in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts have collaborated with a local cigar shop to create a new Masonic cigar. Armistead: The Widow's Son cigar will be available through its own website and at Connecticut Valley Tobacconist. The official launch will be in October.

It is part of a Civil War themed line of custom made cigars. The filler is Dominican and the wrapper will be Connecticut broadleaf.

No details yet on pricing and availability. The lodge has a Facebook page at and there is an official website for mail order sales at


Michael Nemeth said...

The Widow's Son Cigar is the result of a private collaboration between Connecticut Valley Tobacconist and a small number of Freemasons who frequent the shop (all who happen to be members of Esoteric-Sherwood Lodge, AF & AM). The Widow's Son cigar is not affiliated with The Widow's Sons Masonic Motorcycle Association or any other Masonic body.

The Widow's Son Coigar details, including the launch dinner and future sales, can be found at:

Richard said...

Hmm, it does seem a bit odd to me that a "Civil War themed" cigar named after a Confederate General is being made from Connecticut tobacco. I wonder what Brother "Lo" would think. Could be the kind of thing that could get him to break a plate over your head; just ask Jubal Early.

Seriously, were there no Brethren in blue to represent that northern leaf? What about George McClellan? He had good luck with a few (southern) cigars near Sharpsburg, as I recall...