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Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Past Master's Jewel

My friend John Bridegroom is a true artist who does magnificent work. His latest creation is a Past Master's jewel that is unlike any you've seen. Called the Wilmshurst, it is available on Ebay from the Master's Craft for a paltry $40, and has two bars for engraving.


  1. I'll be picking one of those up later this afternoon I do believe.

  2. He's a true artist. Our lodge had purchased a few items from him with complete satisfaction!

    WM, Grand Rapids Lodge No. 34

  3. Nice work, also nice to see someone selling affordable jewels that look to be made with some quality.

  4. As soon as I got a visual on this I had my wife order one for me, can't wait to get to see it in person. I will be sure to let you know more when I receive it. Thank you.

    PM Cluett
    Desert sons Lodge #217

  5. Has he sold out of these? I am unable to find this item.


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