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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Grand Lodge of Montana

Most Worshipful Grand Master Thomas Chisholm, the newly installed Grand Master of Montana, has publicly posted an explanation of the recent events leading to the removal of PGM Thomas Duffy. Grand Secretary Reid Gardiner has been reinstated as GS.

The official documents can be read here. They include a synopsis of the events and the portions of Montana's code that apply to this case.

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  1. MWGM Thomas Chisholm was never publicly installed as Grand Master. He assumes the title, duties and powers without installation.

    Despite the MWGM's letter and his opinions of these events, this issue is not resolved. Many Masons disagree with the facts of these events and the Grand Master's interpretations.

    The Grand Secretary had been reinstated by Past Grand Master Duffy weeks ago and was not a result of Past Master Will Alexander's Tribunal.

    Dan Schulz
    Master Mason
    Euclid Lodge #58
    Great Falls, Montana


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